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Friday, September 4, 2015

Growing Oranges in Wisconsin

 Our garden season is slowing down here in Wisconsin.
Our son Atticus helped me a lot at our four garden plots at the community gardens.
With the help of Marv, my dear gardening friend, Atticus has been busy tending to a lovely cherry and grape tomato plant.
Marv, likes to play tricks on all of us. He was quick to think of something fun to do to Atticus.
While we were waiting for the tomatoes to ripen, Atticus noticed an orange in his tomato plant.


 The silly jokes continue to come for us at the community gardens.
This week Atticus found this big bug in his tomato plant.

My idea of having Morning Glories climb my The Little Garden That Could mailbox is working.

I love the Summer Harvest stamps at the United States Post Office.

Our harvest is continuing to bless us. We have enjoyed a wonderful 2015 garden  season.

What little joys have you found this week?

Have a great weekend.



  1. ... you just can't beat silly jokes !

    Love those stamps, so colourful.

    Have a lovely weekend

    All the best Janl

  2. I picked up a couple sheets of those stamps---they're so pretty, I'm almost hesitant to use them.
    I'll save them for "special" occasions!

    Love those morning glories climbing the mailbox.

  3. Yikes, that bug would have scared me! I have seen the summer harvest stamps, and they are delightful. We've had a few ripe tomatoes so far in our garden this year. I love those old mail boxes. There's nothing like them. : )

    Have a wonderful weekend, Carla.


  4. Carla, I loved that 'orange' joke! I had to stop and think a minute there. Our tomatoes are ....scarce. The ground hogs eat a lot, hope they are having a wonderful summer....lol. The highlight of my week was having my friend over today for her Birthday tea party.

  5. Oranges, yay--- giant bug things...nay! And yikes!

  6. LOL At the jokes, especially the bug. Your little garden has been a fun subject to read about this sumer. :)
    Little blessings…..I guess for me it would be how every single devotional this week has been "spot on" and we had a great field trip to the museum of art. Such a nice day yesterday!

    This is the first time I've seen the stamps. I do love them!

  7. I enjoy walking out of my back door to pick and eat home grown tomato every single day! I bought some new stamps the other day and were happy to see these. This week I noticed the ir feels like fall...can't explain it but it just does.

  8. I love Marv's sense of humor, your son will always remember this and smile,.

  9. So much fun in your garden! I just love your stories of Marv :)
    I haven't seen those stamps... I need to get them before they are gone.
    Tree frog and monarch caterpillars were my joy this week!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I would like to have a gardening prankster friend but might draw the line at a gigantic bug. brrrr...

  11. Your morning glories are beautiful climbing the mail box. Have a great holiday week end Carla.

  12. I like garden jokes too. Oranges growing outdoors in WISCONSIN is a good one.....:)

  13. Those morning glories are beautiful. You'll turn up one day to find they have completely taken over the mail box.

  14. That is so funny! I love jokes like that! ;)

  15. Sounds like an amazing growing season there, incredible!!!! I haven't seen those stamps - I need them!!! Loved that smiling Orange this morning, just what I needed on a day my alarm was set for PM not AM! Grrrrrrr

  16. What fun! :)

    And those stamps! I so rarely use stamps and still have a bunch, but I might need to go look for them! Thank for the heads' up.

  17. I hadn't seen those stamps - I'll have to go pick up a sheet (if you haven't cleared out our local post office already) ;)

  18. Ha-ha. I was beginning to think you were raising oranges as well as tomatoes!! Sounds like y'all have fun at the gardens. I'm personally glad that the season is winding down. I've canned so many tomatoes and green beans. Now waiting for the squash to ripen. Butternut squash soup. Yum!


High Fives from Wisconsin!