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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Autumn Hodgepodge

Happy Autumn

It is Wednesday, it is time for the Hodgepodge.

Joyce asks us the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. What have you 'fallen for' recently?

We recently discovered Foyle's War. 

If you like British drama, you will enjoy Foyle's War.
I have 'fallen for', Foyle, I love his character.

 2. What's something you're 'squirreling away' for later?

We recently visited a shop that has just about every Ritter Sport variety.

3. How do you like your apples? Sweet? Tart? Crisp? Cooked? Apples are one of the superfoods for fall...how often do you eat an apple either plain or as part of a favorite recipe? What's your favorite variety?

I love tart and crisp apples.
I love having an apple as a mid day snack.
My husband makes a delicious homemade caramel.
My favorite apple is HoneyGold.

4. According to Fodor's the ten best fall foliage trips in the US of A are-Aspen Colorado, The Catskills New York, The Berkshires Massachusetts, Columbia River Gorge Oregon, Green Mountain Byway Vermont, Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway New Mexico, Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, Upper Peninsula Michigan, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri, and Glacier National Park Montana. Which would you most like to visit this fall and why? 

I think they missed Northern Wisconsin.
Wisconsin is beautiful in all seasons, but out does herself with Autumn color.

 This is our neighbors tree. It is beautiful each and every Autumn.

I have enjoyed several trips to Upper Michigan to enjoy the Autumn colors.
I would pick the  Green Mountain Byway Vermont.

 5. The topic of legalizing marijuana was raised in the most recent televised political debate so let's wade in too. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Four states have legalize marijuana for recreational use. Your thoughts?

The first step I would take is ask our local police officers if this is a good idea. Also our paramedics and other medical staff that has to deal with when the use of marijuana has been used for recreational use...what has been the outcome?

Sadly, two years ago, about four miles from our home, a 'recreational' drug party was going on. A young man had some sort of drug. He left the party, he walked right into the Highway and a Semi Truck hit him. 

 6. Are you okay to watch a movie already in progress or do you need to always see it from the beginning? How about jumping into a TV series somewhere in the middle? Is that okay? 

I have to start from the beginning.

 7. Thursday (September 24) is National Punctuation Day. What rule of punctuation trips you up most often? What rule of punctuation, when broken by someone else, bugs you the most?

Our family loves to pick on my sister for her use of the exclamation mark in her Christmas letters!!
She uses them in just about every sentence!!

I know I make punctuation mistakes, so I do not get bugged by others!!

 8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Wishing you all a great weekend.
I will be taking a short blog break.
Get out and enjoy the first weekend of Autumn.



  1. Oh Carla, I love your apple picker, love Foyle, love Ritter, love Wisconsin, etc!!!!:-)) Hope you have a nice break. Oh. Also, you know I LOVE that butterfly photo!!!

  2. Beautiful photos and fun to read as usual! I love exclamation points!!!! :) I've seen the foliage in Vermont and we're headed up to NY state this weekend, I'm hoping to see some pretty leaves and scenery. I love crisp, tart apples too. (restrained myself with a period there.) :)

  3. OMG! I just realized I am exclamation mark abuser! LOL. I love the foliage in the NE especially Vermont and New Hampshire. I am needing a trip this year and I will have to settle for some little area that doesn't have the vibrancy of the NE. Dang it! Oops! Sigh...

  4. I will have to check that show out. I think my husband would like it. I love Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife. I'm not sure I've tried the Ritter Sport but it sounds yummy. I love exclamation points!!! Love your random, what a beautiful photo.

  5. I hope you enjoy your blog break my friend! What a great post start Autumn with! Maybe by the time you return o will have sampled a Ritter bar - they look yummy :)

  6. Beautiful pictures to put me in "Autumn" mode. I love the leaves color.

  7. Lovely autumn pictures. Enjoy your break.

  8. I love watching the British shows on PBS. Would love to see how your hubby make caramel. Happy Autumn! Janice

  9. I agree - northern Wisconsin is very underrated! Thanks to my husband's yearly work conference, I've been able to see the fall colors in the Berkshires and the Columbia River Gorge (as well as Estes Park, Colorado - not exactly Aspen, but close enough) ;)
    And I tend to overuse exclamation points, too - I have to make myself read over whatever I write to double check that I don't use them after every sentence. :)

  10. The blogger Life SPR linked here today. He was a police officer for many years and says no to leglalizing. I think most parts of the country are lovelier in fall (except maybe the really warm places like Fla and SWTexas. I don't think I'd enjoy living where there isn't a change in seasons this time of year. Have a happy blog break!

  11. Oh, I love those flaming leaves!

  12. Very pretty Carla. Fall is in the air. The pictures are gorgeous.

  13. Such beautiful colours in these photo's Carla - lovely to look at.
    I just love this time of year.

    All the best Jan

  14. Such beautiful colours in these photo's Carla - lovely to look at.
    I just love this time of year.

    All the best Jan

  15. So have you guys discovered Jeeves and Wooster? Old British show with Hugh Laurie? Hilarious! :-) And I love all the fall color...I know it is absolutely gorgeous in Wisconsin!!

  16. Enjoy your autumn break...I am looking forward to a pumpkin patch, hot chocolate and fresh pie break myself! :)

  17. Your neighbors tree is absolutely beautiful!
    Do tell... What is Ritter Sport?

  18. Wonderful shots - love the colours on those trees! You've some catching up to do with Foyle's War - though I think they've stopped making it now.

  19. I found your blog through Diane's blog, those fall colours are amazing and I like Ritter Sport chocolate, my favourite is the one with rum-raisins!

  20. What a sweet picture of your son picking the apples, Carla. I would love to taste some of your husband's caramel. I just love caramel, especially caramel apples this time of year. Your neighbor's tree is beautiful showing all the glorious colors of Autumn.

    I am enjoying the season, and talking it all in. It sounds like you are too. : )


  21. I dearly love Foyle's War too! Kitchen is such a good actor, loved him in Enchanted April too. McIntosh is my favorite apple, Pink Lady is my husband's....It would have to be the Great Smoky Mountains for me, my homeland, but I would love to visit each place you mentioned and definitely Wisconsin. A movie, to be truly enjoyed, simply has to be watched from the beginning, lights out, popcorn ready!


High Fives from Wisconsin!