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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Carol of the Bells - Hodgepodge

It is Wednesday, time for the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1.  Many families have a story they love to tell every year around a holiday. Does your family have one? Are you the star of that story, or does another family member take center stage? Share your story if you want.
We do like to share stories. We usually take turns remembering Christmas pasts.
One of my favorite is  from both my parents. I grew up on a farm. My parents always said the animals in the barn talked at Midnight on Christmas Eve. As a little girl, I could just see my two favorite cows, Kate and Baldy visiting.

 2. Are you afraid to speak your own opinion?
It depends on who I am going to share the opinion.
I had a bad experience with this and I am more cautious today. This is a hard one for me.

3. Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2016, and for the first time have chosen two shades-rose quartz and serenity. Hmmm...did you know serenity was a color? You can read the thought behind their selection here, but essentially it's blending the warmth of rose quartz with the tranquility of a very soft shade of blue. So what do you think? Are these colors I'd find in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in these shades to either place in the new year?
I love blue and rose/pink is my second favorite color.
Yes, to finding the color in my wardrobe.
No, to my home.
 4. If you could be in a Christmas carol, which one would you choose? Why?
Carol of the Bells
I love how so many musicians have played this wonderful carol.
 5. December 9th is National Pastry Day. Will you celebrate? When did you last purchase something from a bakery? What's your favorite treat that falls under the heading of pastry? Do you make it yourself or buy from the professionals?
We do love a good bakery!
We love all kinds of treats from the bakery. I grew up in a Polish/Bohemia area of Wisconsin. Poppy Seed danish, pastry, muffins, rolls and bread. Oh, my! I love heading back home for some
good ol' Poppy Seed!
6. When it comes to holiday decorating_____________________________.

I enjoy it!
 7. When did you last laugh so much it hurt? Explain.
On my Sister's Weekend trip in October. My sister and I had coffee at the Black Cat Coffee House in Ashland. It was busy. My sister asked me to find a place to sit. She would wait for our order. The people next to us sat down, and the one lady looked to have my coffee drink. I texted my sister to be sure she got my drink. She texted back and said it was stolen by  a lady. I texted back, I think we are sitting next to the lady. Ha, it was true, the lady took my drink. The Batista made me up another coffee drink. Of course we laughed and laughed about it. We laughed about other stuff too, like my sister driving right past the restaurant we were to meet at. I had to call her to find out why she drove past because I watched her drive right past. 
Just good old fun sister laughing.
 8.  Insert your own random thought here.
 Lifting our Nation and World in prayer!


  1. Yes...our nation and the world need lots of prayer! Such a great story you shared for #7!

  2. I always enjoy these posts! That's cute about the animals on Christmas Eve. I baked cookies yesterday...I was a day off!!

  3. I am part Polish but never heard of any of those treats, although they sound delicious. Sister laugh is so much fun. Beautiful Christmas tree! I am hoping to finish decorating our tree today. Have a great rest of the week :)

  4. I love the tree photo! And your sister story. I always laugh a lot when I'm with my sisters. I am with you on your random thought. The world and our country are upside down right now, and I believe in the power of prayer.

  5. Laughing is good no matter when it happens! Having teens around, we laugh a lot. I love that. Last night, I was at the book store and I came across a book that make me laugh out loud, repeatedly to point where I had to put it down and walk away. Maybe I should've bought the book! ;)

    1. Yes, you should have bought the book! :-) Great post Carla!

  6. I enjoyed reading about all the laughing you and your sister did over the stolen coffee. You're a good sport.
    I'm no longer afraid to speak my opinion as I usually base my opinion on feelings from my heart and i trust my heart.

    Have a great day.

    1. We love our small town bakery in Spring Valley. It's one of the last of its kind as the Big Box Stores have pretty much taken over all of southeastern Minnesota. I think though another reason they have mostly died out is the fact that the succeeding generations don't want to get up at 2 a.m. in the morning....

  7. I always love these so much! Love the story about your childhood and the animals chatting in the barn! I too love a yummy bakery (my waistline doesn't). Are you Polish? I am and my Babci used to bring all sorts of treats! Thanks for that memory! :)

  8. I loved the story about how the animals in the barn talk at midnight on Christmas Eve. I've heard that one before also, and wouldn't that be a wonder? Carla, Nel's favorite song is Carol of the Bells too, it's so pretty. The poppy seed goodies sound so yummy. It's always nice to learn more about you, friend.


  9. I love your story about the cows on Christmas Eve. My mom loved the Carol of the Bells. I liked your sister story...

  10. I love Carol of the Bells too. It's beautiful. Sleigh ride is another. I can picture you and your sister at the coffee shop with the coffee thief! Isn't texting handy! :-) oh, and I also like seeded bread. The best!

  11. To laugh to really laugh is so much fun!
    Great post Carla - thank you.

    All the best Jan

  12. I love your "memory" of the cows talking! That is so fun.
    I did not know that there was such a thing as color of the year.
    You and your sister have so much fun... I love your stories about your time together!

  13. Beautiful tree! I think they are beautiful colors and I would wear them. A woman after my own heart. I'm 100% Bohemian and the bakery is amazing. Oh the poppy seed Kolaches and cream cheese were a favorite of mine!!! Funny stories. Amen on the prayers.....


High Fives from Wisconsin!