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Thursday, December 10, 2015

It is a 12/12 Birthday

Happy Birthday
Having a December birthday is not always the best thing. Having a sister who has a birthday New Year's Day is also not such a great thing. Growing up we had to share our birthdays! While growing up many of our birthday gifts where wrapped in Christmas paper. Our one Grandma would combine our birthday gifts and our Christmas gifts!
 "Oh Gee Whiz! Mom, why could you not have had me in July?" 
Summer birthday's have all the fun.

Ha, Ha!!
I actually think I have the best day of all.
Thank you, Mom for having me on 12/12 and my sister on 1/1, how cool is that!

 I had a very special birthday in 2012, 12/12/12!
My husband took the day off of work, my boys took the day off of school and we had a 12/12/12 ski day!

12/12/14 was a special birthday too. My sister treated me to a weekend in Chicago. It was the beginning of a new tradition for us ...  Sister's Weekend!

I will be off celebrating another special birthday.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Have LOTS of fun this weekend! My hubby was born in Dec and I was born in Jan so we know all about getting those birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper. (or one gift for both) HAVE FUN! Birthday hugs coming your way, Diane

  2. Happy early birthday! That is a good date! I love how you and your sister both have repeating number birth dates! We have a few December birthdays in the family and I try to make them special and not Christmas related!

  3. I love these fun pictures and I wish you an awesome birthday! Enjoy every minute! xoxo

  4. Happy early birthday! I hope you have a most wonderful birthday weekend and enjoy every special moment of it! Love the photos Carla! Love and hugs to you!!

  5. Happy Birthday Carla. I hope you'll have even more fun than last year.

  6. Yay! Happy Birthday Carla! Have fun and enjoy - you deserve to live it up! xo

  7. Happy Birthday Carla ...
    Have a super time

    All the best Jan

  8. Happy Birthday, Carla! I hope it's been a super day and I wish you a glorious year! xo

  9. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Mine is on the 28th. From the first year of our marriage (43.5 years ago), I told my husband I would NOT open a BD gift wrapped in Christmas paper. Never. Again. All my life my relatives had always yelled across the room as we opened Christmas presents "Now, Christine! That is for Christmas AND your BD." Oh, how I disliked hearing that.... year after year. So, he and our kids have always honored that request for me. His BD is on the 5th, and he said he didn't remember that ever happening to him ~ people likely didn't have their bins of wrapping paper out that early, I guess. Our kids do think it is pretty awful to have Christmas AND both parents BDs in December, though!! Have a fun weekend!!

  11. How fun Carla and Happy Birthday. My hubby was born on 1/1 and was an identical twin so they always got the same treatment. Birthday/Christmas combo gifts. Have a great day and enjoy your special day.

  12. Happy birthday one day early!!! I know what you mean about the December birthdays. My sister is December 31 and finally she just embraced it. (After all, the whole world is partying on her birthday! lol!)

  13. Happy Birthday to you and to your sister!

  14. Happy Birthday! My dad's birthday is the 18th, so he totally understands having a birthday close to Christmas.

  15. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time celebrating!
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  16. The Happiest of Birthdays to you!
    What fun your house must have been growing up, a Christmas Birthday and a New Years Birthday!
    Have a wonderful day and I hope it's filled with lots of cupcakes, chocolate and ice cream!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  17. Happy and wonderful birthday to you, Carla!! I don't think you'll be skiing this weekend, but I hope it's happy in every other way possible!


  18. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  19. Happy Birthday to you!! Have an absolutely fabulous weekend with your sister.

  20. Happy Birthday sweet friend. I hope you had a great birthday. I miss connecting with you.

  21. And happy birthday to you, Carla. We know all about birthday and holidays being on the same date. Our DIL's birthday on 12/25....

  22. Happiest of happy birthdays, Carla! Hope your day was wonderful!


High Fives from Wisconsin!