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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Birthday to Samuel ~ 16

Happy Birthday to Samuel
16 years today!

Sam is our first born son. We have two boys. The life of boys. 
My mom comes from a family of all girls. She has two sisters. Then she had two girls of her own. Her sister had a girl. 
Then came me. I had boys.
I will never forget when my mom said to me "Wow, Carla, boys sure are different."
No Barbies, no dresses, no hair to braid and curl. No make up, no nail polish, no big deal on what should I wear. In fact my youngest son would wear the same thing everyday, if I let him.

Oh, being a mom to boys, melts the heart just the same. 
Trucks, sand box time, dinosaurs,  army men, Lego's and action movies. Bike races, helping catch frogs, bugs and crayfish. Getting dirty and with out a care.
End of the day, having your boy wrap his arms around you and say, " I will protect you, Mom."

Looking back at 2008, Sam is in the fella in the red chair. The other cutie is his brother, Atticus.

 This tree frog liked Sam.

 Atticus trying to get the tree frog to like him. He wants him to stick to him.

 Brother's and Best Friends Forever!

Why God Made Little Boys
God made the world out of his dreams,
Of wondrous mountains, oceans and streams,
Prairies and plains and wooded land,
Then paused and thought
I need someone to stand
 On top of the mountains, to conquer the seas, 
Explore the plains, and  climb the trees,
Someone to start out small and grow 
Sturdy strong like a tree and so...
He created boys, full of spirit and fun,
To explore and conquer to romp and run,
With dirty faces, banged up chins,
With courageous hearts and boyish grins.
When He had completed the task 
He had begun
He surely said, "That is a job well done."


  1. John and I send happy birthday wishes to Samuel! We loved the pics you shared.

    1. Indeed. We had two boys four years apart. Those were our very best days and treasured every moment of their growing up...:)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to Sam! What a sweet boy! Love the pictures you shared. I know he's in for a special day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Sam! Hope you day is filled with lots of fun and yummy treats!
    Love the photo's :) Such happy, fun loving brothers.

  4. Happy Birthday Sam. Love the frog picture. I only have one boy but three girls and he loved frogs too. He's now almost 44.
    Have a great day.

  5. Happy birthday Sam! I love the pictures!

  6. Happy birthday, Sam! Carla, I have one child, a boy, and I enjoyed every moment raising him (well, there were a few times when I wondered what in the world I was doing). Now he's a dad and has a daughter and a son of his own. A wonderful father and husband. I, too, love your photos. That last one especially just melts my heart. Hugs, Nancy

  7. Happy Birthday Sam! boys are good, I love boys. I am blessed to have boys and girls, love them both.

  8. Awww! Now I wish I had a little boy too!!! Happy Birthday to Sam!!

  9. Oh Carla, I have tears in my eyes. After having two girls, I was so overjoyed to have a SON! There is something so very special about a mother and son's relationship. And this poem is so nice. Happy Birthday to your beloved Samuel. The picture of the frog on his back is priceless. It is a picture to be framed. Samuel and Atticus looks alike, only a few years apart. :)

    Yes, boys will be boys, but they are wonderful little people, indeed.


  10. Oh boy Carla, I do understand... boys are a whole different world than girls, special in their very own way! Your boys are just precious, reminds me of my kids who loved finding little insects, bugs and wild creatures to "adopt", lol! Happy birthday to your Samuel... indeed where did the years go? Our son will be 18 in a few days, I can hardly believe it either! Hugs to you today :)

  11. Aw, what precious boys you have! Happy Birthday Sam. Hope you all had a great day celebrating :)

  12. Oh. My. Goodness. The year 2008 doesn't seem that long ago, but looking at the picture sure shows how time has elapsed. I'm feeling the same "stuff," Carla, and am thankful you are going before me in this journey. Lori

  13. Oh my gosh, what absolutely adorable photos! Your cute boys look like they are best friends. Sixteen comes up fast, doesn't it? My youngest will be 16 soon and I cannot believe it. I wish Sam a wonderful day and a super happy year!! :)

  14. Our children grow up so quickly, my oldest is 14 this year, and it still seems as though it was yesterday she was a baby. Happy 16th to your young man Samuel.

  15. Love the photos. Happy 16th Birthday Samuel!

  16. Happy birthday, Samuel! What fun those sweet photos of your boys are!

  17. Happy Birthday to your son, 16 is a biggie! I am a very proud Mom of three boys, well Max makes it 4 and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are fun, scary, in your face, and still needing lots of love all the time. They get angry and then forget about it long before I do, They are funny, daring and surprisingly sensitive. I am blessed to have them.

  18. Awww - what lovely pics! Wishing Samuel a great day and year ahead.

  19. How wonderful, Carla. Congratulations to you all.

  20. I'm sure Sam had a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday to you, Sam!!!

  21. Sixteen! That's a big milestone. Happy Birthday to Sam. I had three boys and a girl. Each one is different and precious!

  22. Many Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Sam ...
    I love these photo's you've used.
    The years fly by so quickly and we do have so many great memories of our children as they grow up.

    Good wishes to you all

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!