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Friday, December 1, 2017

Ornaments and Memories

'Tis the Season
It is that time, it is time to decorate. One of my favorite things to do with the boys is decorate our tree. I know this will be a special year for it, because our oldest will graduate the spring of 2018.

Each year for as long as I can remember we have been doing the following with the boys. 
We pick out the perfect to us Christmas tree.
We get our tree set up just right in the living room.
We string the twinkle lights.
We make some popcorn to eat and hot chocolate to drink.
We open the ornament boxes and the memories pour out as well.
Each ornament tells us a story.

We have stories of all sorts of ornaments.

My Jim Morrison ornament and the boys asking "Who in the world is this mom" and me introducing them to The Doors.

My husband has his Hallmark Hockey players. Most of them Pittsburgh Penguins.

My three legged wolf. While dating my husband, I worked part time for his parents as a waitress/dishwasher. I was asked to help with a very fancy party. The people who hosted the party gave each of the staff a gift. Wonderful chocolates and an ornament. I received a three legged wolf. My husband and I opened our gifts from the evening together, he was one of the bartenders, well I kept that three legged wolf.  Once we got married and our first Christmas, I pulled the three legged wolf out of the tissue. We laughed all over again.

 And now for this lovely girl. My husband hates this ornament. He always tries to put her in the back of the tree. The story about her, I rescued her from the trash can. I worked at the Cameron Community Center and a co worker brought in some of her ornaments she was going to toss. I simply had to save her. 

It is the sequins that my husband really does not like. When I found this Santa, again needing rescue from the trash. I just knew who I needed to wrap it up for and give on Christmas day.

My boys gave me this sweet ballerina when they were little. Something special about that first gift they give you. You know they saved their money and thought of just the right gift.

A peek at a few more.

Do you have ornaments that bring back memories?


  1. Oh, I love your sweet ornament stories. We have a lot of those, too, and yes, they are the best part of putting up the tree. There's reminiscing and laughter, which usually leads to my teary eyes as I remember sweet times gone by. Enjoy this year. It goes by way too fast and different traditions and really good times will emerge, but I agree, these sweet days when everyone is home is precious. Merry Christmas, Carla. xo

  2. The key to your heart! I bet your husband gave you that one. Him having an ornament he hates just adds to the fun and drama of Christmas!! The Santa and little girl were sure way too beautiful for the trash, what was someone thinking? Just look at that bead and sequin work on his beard!

  3. It’s lovely to have so many family traditions, your ornaments are so cute and so many interesting stories xx

  4. Like you I have lots of ornaments with stories. What fun it is to remember the kids first gift ornaments. They are extra special. I was hoping to see your three legged wolf, lol.
    I love Christmas traditions.

    I get teary eyed too when I put the many tree ornaments that Nicole gave me over the many years.
    I used to have the grandkids every year to help me with the tree decorating and now I have to decorate alone.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. I always think trees that aren't colour co-ordinated and have interesting decorations with stories are the best. So many special memories on your tree,

  6. My daughter's tree ornaments all have special stories and she has kept the ones that the three girls made through the years. A nice tradition! Enjoy your decorating.

  7. Aw, this is such a sweet post! We lost several of our sentimental ornaments in a flood several years ago, but we still have photographs.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  8. It is fun to hear the stories of your ornaments. It's a special time of year, and especially wonderful for spending time with family. :)

  9. Awwww! I LOVE this post and I can absolutely feel how special these holiday memories are, I especially love the part where you and the boys decorate, eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate! So special! I really love the story of your three Legged wolf, and I absolutely think he deserves a spot on your tray always! I’d love to do a similar post, we have a lot of ornaments like this. There’s a gigantic bird that always goes on the back of our tree because my husband hates it but we had growing up in my house. There’s always A bit of silly family banter regarding where that bird should go. Of course we have ornaments for the girls first Christmases which are very special, pick out an ornament every year so the tree holds many memories for us as well! ❤️

  10. We definitely have ornaments that bring back memories. I love pulling them out each year. That is funny about the one your hubby doesn't like! Your tradition of popcorn and hot chocolate is awesome!

  11. I like the idea of a Jim Morrison ornament opening the door to The Doors.

  12. Love this so much. What great ornaments and loving memories to go with them. Fabulous! I am so glad you rescued that sweet ornament. She is adorable. Happy Weekend.

  13. We are the same, each year we all 4 take the time to decorate together and talk about each of the ornaments and where they came from. So many good memories... That is the last of the decorating we have to do as my husband is working today and we are hoping to finish our trees tonight or tomorrow :-) So much to do this time of year. Beautiful ornaments, thanks for sharing! I like the uniqueness of the girl you found...very different. Have a great weekend.


  14. This is such a sweet story. Your boys will never forget those special times. It's just Poppy and me here now, so I do the decorating. I do pull out ornaments that bring back memories. Glad you rescued the little doll. You have a kind heart.

  15. I love that you shared your precious memories with us Carla.

  16. So sweet :) I love the ballerina!
    You have me even more excited for decorating our tree today. The handmade ornaments that I saved from my grandmother always bring a smile to my face.

  17. I love the story of your ornaments, the popcorn and hot chocolate. Yes I have fond memories and love putting each ornament on our tree.

  18. Your tree has lots of wonderful and warmful ornaments. Happy week.

  19. Don't worry-your college bound son will have a Christmas break! And believe me, they miss us sometimes more than we know.

    Every ornament tells a story. Love the one about the three legged wolf! You two go way back! Love that!

    Thanks for asking about Milo. He has his third chemo bright and early tomorrow. He's a little lethargic a day or two after but nothing terrible. I do stay home with him to be sure. I'm so glad we went this route. The huge grievances in life become nothing when you have more days with someone/something you love.

  20. I love that you have sweet memories for all of your ornaments. It's fun to share! I have a fun giveaway on my blog today! Hope you can stop by! Hugs!

  21. I loved the story about the 3 legged wolf ornament! I have a lot of ornaments from long ago that I put on the tree and my family will say oh no that one looks too old or ragged and I'll tell them its special to me. Have a great week!


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