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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Bouquet

Hello Spring
Happy Spring! 
We still have plenty of snow on the ground here in Northwest Wisconsin. 
Even so, spring is in the air. Last week I shared that I saw three Robin. As of today, I have seen flocks of them returning. I also heard the Sandhill crane this morning.

Today I will share with you how to create a simple Spring table bouquet. When I say table bouquet, I mean you can see the person sitting across from you at the table. My husband hates when bouquets are so big they block the view of the person sitting across from him.

 Pint sized large mouth mason jar
Flowers off of Chives
Pussy Willows
Hosta Leaves

 Early April will be the time to gather your pussy willow. Pussy willow will dry nicely and you can use it all year around in your bouquets.
Do not put the Pussy Willow that you want to dry to use in future bouquets in water. 
I pick my pussy willow this time of year, I dry it by setting it in a large vase ~ without water ~ then I have pussy willow for late spring bouquets as a filler.

The American Robin is the bird of New England's state of Connecticut, and also of the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. He occupies a very special place in our affections, for he enjoys our company to the point where he will build a nest in our gardens, sometimes in a bush next to a door or window where he gives his concert, in rain or sunshine, knowing that he has appreciative listeners.


  1. We saw Robins this weekend too and when we drove in a part of the city we hadn't been in, we saw the community garden. It was beautiful. I'll have to go back and take pics. I thought of you! Hugs, Diane

  2. I saw more robins last week but it doesn't feel like Spring! We're due for another major storm (2 actually) and I'm not happy about it. I love pussy willows and saw some at the supermarket yesterday. I remember my mom drying them when we were kids.

  3. Carla, Love your bouquets. I was taught that center pieces should never block views of others at the table. So your ideas were very wise to me. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Beautiful bouquet, my friend. And my husband says the same thing! HA :)

    Happy Spring to you. Hugs!

  5. I love your spring bouquet and I agree with your husband about not liking a bouquet to be placed in such a way as to block the view of the person sitting across the table. I just love those Pussy Willows for filler in bouquets. For some reason, I see less and less Pussy Willows around here lately. I wonder why.
    Take care and happy Spring. I'm still hoping to see my first robin.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. So pretty! Pussy willow doesn't grow here. But they are so cute, and I love to see them sometimes in the flower market. xoxo Su

  7. The robins are such a cheerful sign. Ours returned in February! I have never seen that before, so maybe they were here all along, just hiding. You really have a natural gift for anything flowers!! I have no talent for making arrangements, so am grateful for any pointers!! I have two arrangements now, but really just kind of dumped them into containers.

  8. Those flower arrangements are so pretty! No snow here, but the ice is coming down the river now...which is a sure sign of Spring. WOOT WOOT, Janice

  9. Happy spring! Your bouquets are incredible! Every day, there are more and more signs of spring!

  10. Good Morning Carla,
    I agree centerpieces and lovely bouquets should not block the person across from you. Yours is so pretty. I know here in Illinois we look forward to seeing a Robin because that means Spring is about to begin. We have not seen one yet but I look everyday lol! Hoping we start to see Spring soon. Have a great day.

  11. Oh my goodness, yes, that is so pretty, Carla! Can't wait to see flowers again. :-)

  12. What a pretty bouquet. We had a fishbowl filled with tulips on each table at my wedding, because we also hate it when you have look over and around the flowers. I also didn't know the pussy willow tip! I saw them at the grocery store, but I wasn't sure what to do with them so I passed. May have to go back and get them now!

  13. The flowers are lovely. Hooray for Spring!

  14. What a beautiful bouquet you created Carla! I would love to have one of your bouquets sitting on my table! And I agree with your husband, it is no fun if you have to try to peer around flowers to see someone sitting across from you! We love the robins here too, and hearing their happy song in the spring gives my heart such joy! Happy spring to you sweet friend!

  15. I love to see robins ... we've had one in the garden this week which has been lovely to see.

    That is such a pretty bouquet.
    Happy Spring Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  16. What a beautiful bouquet! I would have never thought to use hosta, it looks so pretty in your arrangement!


High Fives from Wisconsin!