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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Before Winter Set In

 Before Winter set in, we took an afternoon for an afternoon fishing trip.
Our youngest son enjoys to fish. 

 This day was a perfect Autumn day. The color was fantastic, the weather was just right and the time the three of us had together was just what we needed. 
My two boys are best of buddies. When Sam left we felt a bit empty. We keep on doing and going. Sometimes that is  just what you have to do so you don't think too much about that empty spot.

This day of fishing was just what Atticus needed. 

We caught some nice fish.
We enjoyed the last warm day of Autumn.
We made a campfire. We cooked hotdogs over the fire and  baked beans.
We enjoyed our hot chocolate we brought in our  old time thermos while cooking s'mores. 

 It was a full day out in nature. 
Time to be still, time to listen to what our heart was telling us.
I know we all needed this day. We all were adjusting.

When we arrived home that evening, Atticus shared " Mom, thank you for today. It was just what I needed." He gave me a big hug. Atticus shared with me that he missed Sam. It was really hard to not talk to him or hang out with him. 
We keep moving on, we keep pressing forward.. this is why this day was so special. It was a day that life slowed down. We really listened and  I  think all three of us heard it " it is going to be alright." We all heard it in different ways.
For me, the mom, I heard,  " Sam prepared for this, this is what he wants to do and he is in good hands."
For Atticus it was something different, but it was something, because he opened up a little to share with me he was missing Sam, he also knew all would be alright.  

Watching them reconnect during our recent time with Sam melted my heart. The bond these two brothers have is something I can not put into words.
They acted like little boys again, wrestling and playing tricks. They acted like grown up men, talking about the serious challenges Sam had to take on during Basic. They acted like brothers and best of friends as they caught up with life that they had missed with each other the last 10 weeks.

As I share this little story of Before Winter Set In.. I know this Christmas season can be hard on many. It is a time of busy, it is a time of sadness for some with missing family members who have passed or have moved far away. It can be a stressful time of year. In all honesty it should not be. It should be a special time of year. Remember to take a deep breath, get outside in nature if you can and take time to listen.




  1. What a lifelong memory you created! Helping Atticus really open his heart to you. You really know what each of your children need, and how to help them feel better.

  2. This post just made my heart smile!! Beautiful.

  3. This is a beautiful story Carla. Thanks for sharing. Missing someone can be so difficult but like your fishing day with Atticus, sometimes, that's what is needed. You are an excellent mother and you know just what to do.

    It's been just a little over 2 years since our Nicole is gone and I was coping well until yesterday when I was decorating for Christmas. I brought my tiny Dollar Store trees up and put them on my roll top desk and when I saw the tiny Italian ornaments she had given me, the tears started to flow. I tear up every time I think of it.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. What a beautiful place to go! I've been wanting to go fishing...maybe soon! And you've raised you boys like I have...to be close and best friends. My boys are grown but are still close and I'm so glad. You would laugh my friend....I wrote them all a 'motherly advice' email this week. It was about healthy living! lol I do that every so often. I always say it's required reading! Holiday hugs, Diane

  5. Beautiful, what a lovely day! Well what a sweetie Atticus is. ((Hugs)) to him and you. Okay, I'm taking in a deep breath....

  6. You are such a great mom to your boys and it is amazing to see them open up and enjoy all you do with them.
    They are going to make good husbands some day with having you raise them they way you have. I have two girls that are so close to each other too. It is so fun to see them bond with each other. I love that they always have each others backs and enjoy doing things together too. That is so great your boys are so close. Yeah for being such a great mom and role model.

  7. What a beautiful post, in all ways, Carla. Yes, I imagine it was a difficult time but an excellent way to spend that day in a quality activity bonding the three of you. My family has gone through similar transitions, and you're right--keeping busy and creating new memories can help. Holiday blessings to you and your family.

  8. What a lovely story and memory for you all. Such beautiful autumn colours - do you eat the fish you catch too?

  9. Carla, that was so wonderful that you were able to share that time with them! Boys usually brush off their mom because we are not a "guy", but I'm so glad they did with you. Sometimes it is more of what is not said than what is said. What a wonderful memory you all now have. And yes, this holiday will be an adjustment for your family, but talking it through and spending time together will definitely make a difference! Love and hugs!!

  10. Oh Carla thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Yes change and moving on can be difficult but you clearly understand this and are helping your sons to cope with it too. I'm sure they appreciate what a great Mum they have :)

  11. Atticus sounds like a wonderful young man. I'm so glad you had that good time at the lake. It seems I miss my children who live far away the most at Christmas time.

  12. What a lovely, lovely post Carla. And you're right, one foot in front of the other as we forge a new path in the face of change. Great message...xo

  13. This is a beautiful post. You knew exactly what Atticus needed. I'm sure it is tough on him, missing his best buddy! WE are the same way, just moving along and getting on with life while missing our youngest. I know she'll be home soon, even for a short break but I cannot wait to have all of under one roof!

  14. What a lovely post and pictures..... nature is always a wonderful way to soothe our souls and allow us time for reflection. Enjoy the rest of your day.... we are getting a snowstorm here so just staying warm and riding it out.


  15. Beautiful. What a perfect day. Great suggestion too, to get outside.

  16. The area looks so beautiful, and that fish looks good!
    What a wonderful, and most special day, I did enjoy your post very much.

    God bless

    All the best Jan


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