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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

It is a Hard Candy Christmas

When boys decorate cookies.. do you see the skeletons drawn on the cookies?

It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Medley.
Terri asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

1.  Wednesday, December 19, 2018, is National Hard Candy Day! So the first question today is to ask if you enjoy hard candy, especially the kind we usually see during this festive time of year?  What is your favorite?  Which hard candy brings up the best memories for you if any?

I have not had any festive hard candy in years. It just is not something we seem to buy for ourselves and no one gifts it to us. Ha!
Peppermint hard candy is my favorite.
I do not have any hard candy memories. I do have a memory about a Hard Candy Song.

I remember hearing this song as a young girl, not really understanding the lyrics at all. This is about candy? Ha. Ha.  As the years have rolled by I now completely understand what Dolly is sharing with us.

 2.  Holiday shopping!  Are you finished? If you could spend an entire day in just one store, which one would it be and why?
 I am finished shopping. I do have wrapping left to do.
Woodman's Market is where I'd spend the day. 
I love this grocery store.  It is a large grocery. What I enjoy most about Woodman's is it highlights Wisconsin products and farms.


3.  What holiday dessert describes you and why?
Peppermint Ice Cream

 I hope the people who know me or come in contact with me come away feeling happy, refreshed and ready to give it our all to make this world a better place.

 4.  What is your least favorite holiday side dish?
Deviled Eggs

5.  Now be real!! There is one on almost every tree. What is the ugliest tree ornament you have ever seen?
I do not think I have one.
My husband on the other hand hates my dear sweet girl.
 I rescued her from going in the trash.

  His favorite ornament.

 6.  Tell us something random about your week!!

Penelope is counting the days down to Christmas! 


  1. I have fond memories of ribbon candy and barley candy, both are hard candies. We always got some in our Christmas stocking. I remember they were so beautiful.

    I enjoyed Dolly Parton's Hard Christmas song. I don't ever remember hearing it. I think that your little Sweet girl tree ornament looks a lot like Dolly, lol...

    I don't know why deviled eggs are called like that. I have made some years ago and I love them. I remember years ago when I was young, every small grocery stores used to have a big jar on the counter that people could buy one at a time.

    I hope the sun is shining where you are. It's a beautiful day here.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. This is so fun. I love the photo of Penelope and Santa! I"m not a big hard candy fan but I do like peppermint too and peppermint ice cream!

  3. Note to self: don't check out Woodman or other links in the middle of writing a comment! Lost it but here goes again, and I know I would love Woodman's!

    I remember seeing ribbon candy everywhere at Christmas long ago. But here in Nashville we always bought a large tin of King Leo Peppermint Sticks every December when our kids were little. And just like my parents did for us, we would cut a hole in a cold orange and stick the King Leo candy down in the hole for our kids and they would suck orange juice through the candy. It was such a treat.

    I don't like deviled eggs either but I sure like to make them for those in the family who love them. Now I love egg salad with the yolks and whites all mashed up together but just can't eat the whites of a boiled egg on its own. Is that your problem with them, Carla?

    I thought I knew every one of Dolly's songs but this is a new one to me!

  4. Penelope and Santa is adorable!!! The best Christmas picture I have seen all year. I have never heard this dolly Parton song! When I was a child, a neighbor down the street gave us a box of ribbon candy every year for about 10 years! I love the big puffy soft mints, red & white striped. I eat some every day and buy big canisters of them.

  5. Hahahha! Cute skeleton cookies.


  6. I enjoyed your photos and comments. I remember the bright colors of old fashioned hard candy, but I loved Marshmallow candy dipped in caramel. Hope your family has a great week.

  7. I have some wonderful memories about hard candies. When we were growing up, my grandmother always had colorful hard candies displayed in her milk glass dish...I loved those candies! Last year, I found some just like them and bought a can of them. I've never touched them...I just like looking at the container in my pantry...a memory I keep of her all year! Love and hugs and Merry, Merry Christmas!

  8. Ahhh... Penelope knows who to snuggle up to this time of year!! Thanks so much for joining in on the Medley today!! I love your peppermint ice cream dessert answer!! Merry Christmas!

  9. Penelope and Santa are just too cute. I just saw yesterday that the dollar store had a bag of the old fashion holiday hard candies. Lots of the oldie's but goodies in this bag. My grandma always had the hard pretty candies in her special dish on the side table in her living room. Great memories! Have a wonderful last few days before the big day. Merry Christmas sweet friend.

  10. Penelope is so cute! I shared Dolly's video Wednesday on my Facebook page..... what a great song! I'll trade you for your deviled eggs! (*smile*)

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  12. I used to work at Friendly's and peppermint ice cream was always very popular. I used to take samples! That's allowed right?? ;)

  13. Thank you for sharing Hard Candy Christmas. I haven't heard that song in many years, so it was interesting to listen to and pay attention to the lyrics.
    Cliff will be so happy someone else joins him on the side of no deviled eggs!

  14. Love that last photograph :)

    All the best jan

  15. Your boys are a hoot! I bet those were the ONLY skeleton Christmas cookies Santa got! Love the kitty picture by the way!


High Fives from Wisconsin!