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Friday, December 14, 2018

Spiders and Ghosts

Hello Friends,
Do you remember my post back in October sharing about the reputation Fort Jackson, South Carolina has with black widow spiders and recluse spiders. 
Click on the link below to catch up if needed.

We stayed in a cabin at the Weston Lake Recreation Area.

I know this photo looks like I took it after one too many beers. I was not drunk. I think it was the amount of time in a vehicle that made me crooked. Fort Jackson, South Carolina is a long ways away from Northwest Wisconsin. Here is our sweet little cabin. I am happy to report I did not see a black widow or recluse spider during our stay here.

I do have a story about both spiders.

 Sam shared that one of his battle buddies was using the latrine and was bit by a recluse spider!

Sam and his battle buddies killed three recluse spiders and one black widow while training. The black widow was spotted by another battle buddy and the rest of the guys came over and all decided it best to squish it.  I will tell you after Sam shared all these lovely spider stories with me I was looking up, down, under and over for any sign of spiders.

Thankfully, I did not see any spiders. Just great big crickets. I figured that was a good sign, the spiders had not made it to my area of Fort Jackson if the crickets were still living. 

As for my report on Confederate ghosts. Not a one! I even went out for a a stroll at about 9:00pm and I did not see any sightings. Then again, maybe 9:00pm is not late enough for ghosts.

As we explored Weston Lake and went on a hike around the property I came across this sign.



  1. I bet you had your eyes peeled for an alligator! But I'm very glad you didn't get scared by spiders. They are in the woods here but most of the webs are up high. I hate them too! Holiday hugs!

  2. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I, too, would have been looking all around for spiders! We have the same spiders here, but thankfully we don't see them very often. We have to be careful around our wood pile since they like to make their homes there.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend! Hugs!

  3. You are a brave soul, poisonous spiders, ghosts, alligators and probably wild beasts lurking around in the dark.
    Those are all things that makes my blood curdling.
    I have an instant crushing reaction to little black jumping spiders when I encounter them in my home. I know it's not a grown up reaction but they give me the wee bee gee bees. lol
    Stay safe, Hugs, Julia

  4. I'm not sure I would be comfortable there with all the possible hazards. I can cope with british spiders but scary poisonous ones - no thank you lol

  5. Beware of Alligators!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. Both my boys live in Jacksonville, FL...black widows and alligators run rampant down there on their property. I hate those things and am terrified of spiders and alligators. Blech!! Glad you didn't have any encounters! Love and hugs and have a great weekend!

  7. After reading your first sentence, I had a bad feeling. Thank goodness it was not validated! I could never stay in a cabin like this, because I have severe arachnophobia! I would not have been within five miles!! Glad all turned out well!!

  8. Gators and spiders?!! Whew!! It does look like a great get-away spot!!

  9. I'm so glad you didn't encounter any spiders or ghosts! I do not like spiders at all and a bigger fear of mine are alligators!

  10. I am happy you did not encounter any of those spiders. I was bit by a brown recluse years ago and it was very painful and had to be on antibiotics for a long time. I am deathly afraid of spiders. Give me snakes, bears whatever I will not be scared but a spider oh my NOPE! My motto is when you see a spider burn the house down!!!! Your cabin looked cozy. Glad no other unwanted guest were staying with you in the cabin. Happy Weekend.

  11. I used to see those spiders in Georgia. Creepy!! Not fond of alligators either.

  12. Carla,

    Your trip sounds peaceful, especially since you didn't come across any spiders! I LOVE ghost stories, but it's probably for the best that you didn't have any ghost (or spider) experiences.

    Thank you so much for praying for me and balance. I crave it, but it's always a challenge to find it! I will say a prayer for your balance as well. :-)


  13. I'm so glad you didn't encounter any spiders! Good point that if the crickets are thriving, you should be safe :)


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