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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

~ Book Reveiw ~ Christmas in the Movies

 I recently found this new book at our library. 

Christmas in the Movies
30 Classics to Celebrate The Season

It is full of fun facts about 30 movies that make the authors list and why they make it on his Christmas in the Movies list.

 Some of the movies that make the list may surprise you.. and you may find some that you have never even heard of. I did!

 Here is the list. Have you watched them all? Do you have a favorite?
Are you surprised by some that made the list?

Many of my favorites made the list. 
White Christmas
Holiday Inn
It's A Wonderful Life
The Shop Around the Corner .. is the inspiration for You've Got Mail
I could go on .. 

What about a movie that did not make the list? 

I have got one I think the author missed..

It Happened on Fifth Avenue

If you have not watched it, watch it! Even if the Christmas season is over, this movie will do you good. 

Happy Movie Night
Book Reading!


  1. Nothing like a good history book in full color. Those were all good movies. They all had some kind of lesson to learn at the end.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I should have said, they all had good lessons to teach at the end.

  3. I have seen 98% of those movies and the one that annoys me most is The Man Who Came to Dinner...LOL I don't know why, but the characters just got on my nerves...LOL No one ever thinks of Die Hard as a Christmas movie, but it is...so is Trading Places...LOL The Apartment is a great movie. Grumpy Old Men and Holiday Affair are great Christmas movies also...so many! Love and hugs!

  4. Very cool find! I am a fan of the classics...and by classics I mean Rudolph and Frosty! HA!

  5. I have seen at least 14 of them! How many have you seen? I recognize a lot of the people in the pictures too. That looks like Andy Williams next to Bing Crosby. But hardly, I don't think he was ever in any movies. What fun this would have been to look through!

  6. So cool!! I love that song "Sisters" from White Christmas!

  7. I've seen this book advertised on TCM!! And I've seen a lot of them...but not all. I love to see new old movies!

  8. Fun lists Carla! I've seen several, and thanks for the recommendation. I liked the new Dan Stevens movie, The Man Who Invented Christmas.

  9. I love all the old Christmas movies. This book looks great to reminisce through. Have a good warm and cozy day today.

  10. There are quite a few I haven't seen, and this seems like the perfect weather to curl up with a blankie and watch some movies! I'll have to see if any are on Netflix.

  11. Now that is one awesome book. I'm going to say that I have seen almost all of them!


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