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Friday, January 31, 2020

Sometimes things just work out in mysterious ways ...

Penelope up to her usual mischief.

Hello Friends,
I have an update for you all regarding my part time work with Barron County Daybreak.

For those of you that are new to The River, I work part time at Daybreak. Daybreak is an adult day program that provides care givers a break.

Adult Day Programs Provide a Break

Everybody needs some time off. People with memory loss and their care partners can improve their quality of life and personal connections with a daytime program specifically developed for their needs. Individuals with memory loss take part in supervised activities, and care partners experience a much-needed break from daily responsibilities.

Programs provide a safe, fun, loving environment, where people are treated with dignity and respect. Activities may include things like:
• Socializing
• Daily discussions
• Exercise
• Singing
• Outings and field trips
• Shared meals
• Games
• Hobbies

I started this position in June. I worked two days a week. I enjoyed the job, I enjoyed the participants and loved sharing my flowers during the summer months. Each day I worked I would bring in a bouquet.

I had a co worker who seemed stressed and unhappy. At first I felt she maybe burned out, the program was in need of a part time person. I hoped I would help bring that stress down for her. Instead things got worse. I met with my supervisor in August, I asked if I was doing something wrong. My supervisor shared that my co worker was stressed and with that becoming very negative. She was concerned and would reach out to my co worker.  

Things got worse. In November I felt I would need to resign. I worked two days a week and those two days were awful because the negativity started to become a bully type behavior. I went to my supervisor again. This time I learned that volunteers had started to complain about the co worker as well. I was told management would be having a meeting with the co worker.
I shared what I was dealing with at the below post.

In December the co worker resigned. Her last day was January 10th. 
I have been working full time until a new staff member was hired. This week I have been busy training the new staff member. A man named Brian, who is full of positive energy that bounces all over and makes everyone smile. Volunteers are happy again, some have decided to volunteer extra hours and I have noticed a difference in some of our participants. Many are sharing more and getting involved more in our daily events.

Next week I will be back to part time as Brian has picked up the program very well and is a fantastic team player. 

Sometimes things just work out.

I thank all of you for the advice as I shared this struggle on The River. 
Your encouragement helped me press on.


  1. We never know how things will work out! I'm so proud of you for sticking with it until a resolution came! Way to go my friend! I'm so happy that you are able to do work like this.....not everyone can! Sweet hugs!

  2. Well that's a lovely footnote to the story! I'm glad you stuck it out and were able to stay. My mom was sick for a long, long time and I know firsthand how important these programs are to the patient and caregiver. I hope that person who resigned was able to find some peace, too.

  3. I was hoping that your blog title would be about your job! Yay! I'm so glad things have worked themselves out for you and Daybreak!

  4. I'm so glad for you all, Carla! I'm so happy you didn't resign but gave them time to deal with this. Obviously it just wasn't you who was being affected by this person's attitude. Brian sounds like the right fit. And hopefully the person who left will now have the time to try to get help for herself. I hope so.

  5. I am so glad this all worked out! I hope this lady gets the help she obviously needs.

  6. So glad this all worked out for the best but yes I hope your former co-worker is ok too.

  7. Yay!!!! God put you in the right place for the right reason. So happy you hung in there and care enough about this position and the people volunteering and the participants of the program. Brian sounds like he is a welcome relief. So happy for all of you. Carla you make a difference and you are right where you need to be at this time in your life.
    Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.

  8. Hi Carla long time no see. It seems I was unable to comment on your blog. Who knows or understands the mysteries of the Internet. In any case now I can. I found your post about your volunteer work at daybreak most interesting. Mrs. T. (Barb) was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a number of years ago and then spent two years in memory care at Cottagewood in Rochester and then several months there in hospice where she passed away last September. This all means especially because she became very violent in the last two years I know you are doing a wonderful thing by helping dementia caretakers have a break. It takes special people with lots of caring and compassion as volunteers or professionals who work with those involved with that awful disease. For me I've been in and out of hospitals's Barb passed dealing with knee replacement surgery and a few falls. Now I'm looking forward to spring where I will establish a new normal keeping up with my book reviews and finding new adventures to put on my nature blog. The one I'm looking forward to the most is in October I will be heading up to Churchill Manitoba taking lots of pictures of the local polar bears. Life goes on and I intend to live it. Troutbirder (ray)

  9. I'm doing a happy dance for you :)
    I am so pleased that things worked out.

    All the best Jan

  10. Well it doesnt seem likeit just happened.. YOU worked and worked and worked to improve things and you had a terrible unsupportive co worker. Im so glad things are better!!!! Thank you for the care you give. Families need you!

  11. So glad things worked out, and maybe now this ex-coworker can be relieved of a lot of stress and understand that her attitude was hurting others. Your work sounds very rewarding...I'm not sure I could handle that but I so admire those who do. My sister is a nurse in the psycho ward of the hospital and loves it...again something I don't think I could handle. It is wonderful that there are facilities like yours. Thank you for the wonderful and caring work that you do.

  12. Wonderful that it all worked out. xox

  13. This is the best update! I am so happy for you, the participants, and your team! You said it perfectly... Sometimes things just work out.

  14. You are doing such important work there, Carla, and with your busy life. I'm glad it worked out. Good for you!!!

  15. I'm so happy to hear that it all worked out for you and that you can continue to keep working there.


High Fives from Wisconsin!