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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Winter Gardening

 "Happiness held is the seed;
happiness shared is the flower."
John Harrigan

The seed catalogs have started to arrive in the mail. Many of us are starting to "Think Spring" as we start planning our 2020 gardens. One thing to think about as you start to plan your 2020 garden and seed order is what do you want to look out at during the winter months.

I like to leave my sunflower and zinnia for the birds and other critters during the winter months. I like looking out at the texture the plants create and how the snow falls and creates what it does on the plants.  If you have a real Christmas tree, place it in the garden to add some color to the garden and a place for the birds and critters to enjoy.

 Birds, rabbits, mice and more will appreciate the plants that you leave in the garden for food and protection during the winter months. 
I always chuckle at myself.. during the winter the bunnies are cute and I enjoy seeing them eating under the feeder. Come spring I will be chasing them out of my tulip patch.

Remember to add texture and color to your garden so you can enjoy looking out during the winter. 
How do you like that snow hat on top of this flower?

Thank God,
I have the seeing eye, that is to say, as I lie in bed
 I can walk step by step 
on the fells & rough land 
seeing every stone & flower & patch of bog 
where my old legs will never take me again. 
Beatrix Potter


  1. Really good tips. I like the last picture, it is so unusual. We love Beatrix Potter!!

  2. I love talking about the garden when it's chilly outside! Summer dreaming...yes!

  3. That is an adorable snow hat on the flower! I'm liking all of your tips. Your winter garden is so pretty!

  4. I love that snow topped flower too! Beautiful snowy scenes! It IS fun to get those catalogues though....I remember when! Stay warm!

  5. Love that your cornflower is wearing a cute winter hat. I bet you are getting excited so see the catalogs roll in. Ahhhh to dream of Spring and Summer.
    Have a great Thursday.

  6. That's a great idea leaving the plants for the animals. Love your photos.

  7. The Chickadees and finches love the seeds from the Blackeyed Susans here. I have a problem with deer and wild rabbits chewing the rose canes....You are right, come Spring, the critters can exit the gardens...but they don't!!!! and that's a big problem for me. xo

  8. I love how it looks like you planted a Christmas tree in your garden! I do leave some food plants standing, but my chickens take out most of the good stuff before there's even snow on the ground, so I don't think the wild animals are very interested in my garden (which as you said, makes things easier in the spring! I just have to shut the gate to keep the chickens out.) Right now I'm enjoying the thought that my garden is safely snuggled down under its blanket of snow, while I'm inside dreaming over seed catalogs (snuggled down under my blanket of cotton!) ;)

  9. I was surprised but pleasantly by the thought you put into your garden when there was me thinking "It's under a blanket of snow! What's there to do?" Of course we seldom get that but our weather has been so contrary that the poor plants mustn't know whether they're coming or going. Some have been showing their heads even though it's nowhere near spring time according to the calendar! But the only thing I'm doing in the garden at the moment is keeping the bird feeders topped up.

  10. That is an excellent idea for Christmas tree's. I love the snow hat :)

  11. Thank you for the good gardening ideas. Your winter garden is so pretty. All three pictures would make pretty cards. Sorry I haven't visited lately...I am so far behind, I may never catch up. :) I haven't received any seed catalogs...I need to check on that. :)

  12. I will seriously consider a flower corner for next WINTER!! How cool! I feed the birds, but still, thats a great idea

  13. You have no idea how much the Beatrix Potter lines touched me, I really get them. Which isn't surprising, at this stage of my life, but for you, you young thing, to like them enough to include them shows real sensitivity.

    I love all your advice of things to leave in the garden for the critters. We do that but haven't had any snow to speak of this winter and so the garden looks a little messy.

  14. Yes, I do the same thing. :) Plus, some native bees overwinter in the hollow stems of standing plants. I want to encourage them to stay around, so... That last photo is so cute!

  15. Wow, that is a LOT of snow! We don't get any. Love Beatrix as well :-)

  16. Fabulous selection of photographs …
    Enjoyed those words from Beatrix Potter too …

    All the best Jan

  17. Hi, my friend! I love seeing your winter garden. Catching up on some blog reading, it's been WAY too long. So glad you're still here and still sharing joy.



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