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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dance ~ Love ~ Sing ~ Live

My husband always wanted to learn how to play guitar. 
Each new year would roll around, and those 12 months seem to go faster and faster. And he once again would be saying, "This is the year, I am going to learn how to play guitar."

He had a special birthday in January. 
I decided I needed to take the guitar playing dream to the next level.
We have some very talented young friends. I asked if they ever considered giving lessons. My husband is on his third lesson and he strums a little tune for me every night.

He will be purchasing his own guitar with in the next few weeks. He has one picked out. 
He enjoys going to his lesson each week. He thinks his instructor is amazing.
And so do I. 
Jeremy feels comfortable playing and is encouraged each time he returns from a lesson. 

Harvest Moon by Neil Young is one of my favorites. 

He knows I am very excited for him to play this for me.  
He will say"oh I don't know if  I  will ever be that good."  I tell him, "I just enjoy whatever you play, and I am happy you are chasing that dream."



  1. That's so wonderful! I tried to learn a few years ago, but my carpal tunnel wouldn't let me. ☹️ But my sons learned, so I ask them to play for me! 😁

  2. You two are so cute! Good for him learning to play and good for you encouraging him and making it happen! Look out though, once they buy one guitar...they don't stop. lol!! I like Harvest Moon too!

  3. How sweet and I am so happy your hubby is taking up something he has always wanted to do. I love this song by Neil Young too. Have a beautiful day.

  4. The gift of music, so wonderful!! Now he is started on an whole new adventure. I adore Neil young and have all his older records. I used to play them over and over in the 70's.

  5. I think this is awesome!! You know how I love music!

  6. Oh He will learn and he will delight himself and others with his music. Im thrilled for him. I love when my son is home to play his guitar

  7. Tell your husband that I didn't start learning guitar until I was 63 and now I play and sing with what my daughter calls an old geyser band, but oh, do we have fun. We play at the farmers market, and old folks homes, at the county fair and we have had a few paying gigs. Our biggest audience was a building with 300 sets and there was standing room only :) made me feel like a star, LOL.

  8. What a lovely gift. My hubby has several guitars and he loves to relax playing them and singing.

  9. Aw! How sweet of you! I think playing musical instruments is an important skill because it enhances one's quality of life tremendously! This is such a sweet post. :D

    You'll have to post a video once he gets comfortable with his new guitar!

  10. That is so wonderful that you helped his dream on to the next step. What a blessing that you have such talented friends to become instructors! I'm looking forward to Jeremy's first video!

  11. What a great gift. I'm so glad you did that for his birthday. You will have to share a video when he plays Harvest Moon for you.


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