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Monday, May 18, 2020

2 #StayatHome Birthday Celebrations

Happy May 18th!
A special day today! Our high school senior son, Atticus is 18 years old today.

Happy Birthday Atticus

18 years old today!
He is excited to graduate at the end of the month.
He has taken on the challenges that COVID19 has brought at his work place.
As well as the disappointments that COVID19 has brought with his senior year and wrapping up his school years.

He loves to fish.
He is a good friend.
He encourages his older brother.
He does his best to help others.

Me with my boys during a hike last Autumn.

We hope to all get together in July to celebrate birthdays and graduations.
Keeping our fingers crossed.

April 7th, our oldest turned 20! He celebrated his birthday with his first COVID19 deployment to Madison, Wisconsin.

How about you? Any #stayathome birthday celebrations in your family?


  1. We haven't had any yet but I'm thinking we will. You have some very handsome and sweet sons there. Good job, mama!

  2. Happy Birthday to Atticus. He sure is looking very handsome.
    No birthday this month but 2 in June.
    Have a great week Carla.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sending birthday wishes. My birthday is on May 29th, and its the day my doctor has scheduled me to be induced. Baby boy's birthday will be on May 30th, 31st, or even on his due date June 1st.

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  5. Happy birthday to Atticus. We are going to need such a big party when we can finally get together. We have missed our eldest son's and eldest Grandson's birthdays in March, Hubby's birthday in April, our daughter's birthday and one of our younger Grandson's birthdays this month and at this rate we'll also be missing the youngest Grandson's birthday at the beginning of next month. Maybe we'll be able to do something when my birthday comes around at the end of June but I'm not holding my breath.

  6. Happy Birthday to Atticus.

    Like you we are looking forward to celebrating being together as a family sometime later this year …

    All the best Jan

  7. Happy Birthday to this handsome young man! 2 of my sons have birthdays this week....May is one of my favorite months! We'll have some fun phone conversations at least! Hugs!

  8. Happy Birthday to Atticus, and to your brave soldier. I know you must be so proud of your sons, they are amazing.

  9. Atticus , thank you for your service! Yes we had big birthday for Fireman and a big grad school party via ZOOM recently. It was fun, and we will remember it i assurer

  10. Two beautiful and handsome men you have. Atticus shares his birthday with my granddaughter Abby that just turned 10. Double digit birthday. Have a great week Carla.

  11. Happy Birthday to both your handsome boys. It's such a shame that graduations had to be cancelled because of COVID19. My granddaughter graduated from West Virginia University on Sunday. We had big plans to be there but it was all cancelled. Hope you all have a wonderful celebration in July.

  12. Sending Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Atticus and Sam! I hope you both enjoyed your special days and will be able to celebrate soon. No #stayathome birthdays for us, but my mom stayed home for Mother's Day. We went over the day before, and my dad set up lawn chairs out in the yard so we could all visit for a bit at a 6 foot distance. That made them happy.

  13. Happy birthday, Atticus! My husband's birthday was on the 17th. :) We usually have birthdays at home with just family, so it was fairly normal for us (fajitas, cake, and presents).

  14. I forgot that he has the same birthday as my daughter. Of course she turned 39. Happy Birthday to Atticus. Congratulations on him graduating but I do feel bad for all graduating students this year. We did a Google Hangout chat with Amber, Dylan, Adam, Gabby and James for her birthday.

  15. Happy Birthday to your wonderful boys.


High Fives from Wisconsin!