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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Spring Garden Tour

Hello Friends, last week I spent several days in the garden. I still have a few plants and my gladiolus to plant and I will have everything in the ground. Then the love and care will begin. And the weeding and more weeding and more weeding.

We have already had the strangest weather.
Hot and humid for late May. Even as a seasoned gardener I learned a valuable lesson on Saturday.
With the high humidity and our temperatures reaching the high 80's, I was so busy in the garden that I did not take time to rest and drink enough water. By 8:30 Saturday night I was in bed with a terrible headache. Lesson learned! I hope to remind you all as well, not to make the same mistake as I did. Drink your water and take time to rest.

Let us go for a spring garden tour.

I will show you in more detail the garden as it gets growing. I made a collage to share the spring garden. My dad and mom made me my high garden stakes, I love having them to mark rows, especially in the early garden season.  My red, white and blue area on our front deck. And a peek at the greenhouse.

I have a red geranium planted in the pot on top of the milk can. It should be all red, white and blue in the next few weeks. The petunias are wave petunias, they should fill out lovely.

Inside the greenhouse. I just love my greenhouse. The lettuce you see, I planted December 2019. It started to grow in March. What a treat to have fresh lettuce growing when we still have snow on the ground. With COVID19, it was even more of a treat to head out to the greenhouse for lettuce to top off an egg salad sandwich.

I also have cabbage growing in the greenhouse, it is doing very well.

On to the wee little water feature of mine, the whiskey barrel. Well, those three fish that survived all of last summer and have been wintering in the house, they sort have become pets. We like seeing them in the fishbowl in the bathroom. It has added fun to the bathroom and conversation. (Pre-COVID19 .. when we had guests over and they would say "Hey, you have fish in your bathroom."
I have been wondering what to put in the water feature. Because the fish are now indoor pets.

This past Sunday I found some snails.
My friend Judy of Cranberry Morning
gave me the idea in a past blog post she did about her pond.

At this time I have five snails in my wee little water feature.. aka.. the whiskey barrel.

One last look at the greenhouse, oh I just love my little greenhouse.

We will take another garden tour real soon, the peony are starting to bud
and the garden will be full of pinks.


  1. How wonderful! Everything is so neat, and each plant has it's own place. The petunias are gorgeous, and the lettuce looks so vibrant! I would be tempted to pick and eat it right away!

  2. They are all looking so good already! I love your greenhouse too! I need to get some geraniums. They always brighten it up outside. I'm taking it slow with my plantings this year. I can't wait to see your peonies!

  3. Everything is coming to life. I know that excites you so much. Ahhh after are long winter to have our plants and flowers. Woo Hoo! One great thing about being in the midwest is Petunias thrive for us. They love our weather and do so well. Deadheading is not the fun part but their pretty blooms all summer and into fall is the best. I love you have little snails now in the pond. Maybe a water lily or two and a few tadpoles you can watch grow into frogs. My peonies are just about ready to open up too. Gosh I love summer. Have a great time planting.

  4. I have to admit that I love our little vegetable garden this year. I check on it throughout the day. It's all looking so good. Enjoy!

  5. The fresh lettuce does look so good! We passed a farmer's mkt along the hwy this morning and tomorrow I hope to go back and see what they have. Can't wait to see if they have tomatoes! Enjoy your week!

  6. Well done on all your hard work … your garden and all the plants/flowers look brilliant.

    All the best Jan

  7. Wow, I'm impressed with the lettuce in your little greenhouse. I miss my greenhouse that we had to dismantle it to make way for a dug well years ago and it never got put up again. I can't wait to see more of your vegetable garden. Good luck with the growing season.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Very fun to see your green house! WOW.

  9. So how do snails do over the winter (or are they going to be joining your fishies in the bathroom?) ;)
    I am very jealous of your greenhouse! Looks like you have a big head start over my garden!

  10. Having fish in the bathroom sounds like so much fun! Your garden is beautiful but I think your salad garden is the best thing ever.

  11. Carla your garden is absolutely beautiful, nothing better than fresh veggies! and the flowers are so lovely!
    Thank you for the reminder to stay hydrated, I have experienced the dehydration before.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. What a lovely treat to have your own lettuce so early in the season! Maybe one of these years, we will add a little greenhouse. Did you see that they may have frost tonight in some areas between us? Crazy!

  13. It's all looking lovely but lots to keep you busy!

  14. I love your little greenhouse too! It looks so bright and clean. My little greenhouse (the panels) have turned brittle and yellowed. Poppy says we can replace them. :( Right now I have the green curtain hanging inside and keep gardening tools there. Such pretty lettuce!

  15. It's looking beautiful, and how nice to have those veggies growing in the greenhouse.

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