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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Early June Garden Tour

It is time to take a garden tour.
The last week of May, Northwest Wisconsin experienced heat, humidity and rain. We received over 3 inches of rain. The plants loved it and so did the weeds.
My goal last Friday was to clean up the garden beds and get them rolling for summer.
I was so pleased to have a cool, cloudy day, transplanting plants do better if they are able to have some shade to settle in.

My friends Charles and Kathy helped us get a load of mulch last autumn. The mulch was free and a way to help use some of the clean up from the tornado that hit the Barron area, July 2019.
I was able to mulch the garden and have some mulch left to make paths in my raspberry patch.

Stay tuned for the Peony Garden Tour.. coming up very soon!


  1. I sure like the free mulch . I also like to see little statues in a garden. Looking forward to the peonies. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Wow, I'm very impressed with how neat your gardens are. I love that St Francis of Assisi garden. I have a St Francis of Assisi ceramic statue that I painted years ago and it's on top of my tall dresser in my bedroom. Maybe I should move him in my garden.

    Take care. Happy gardening.

    I'm still weeding and the ground is powder dry. Very unusual for this time of year here. It takes for ever pulling those tiny weeds of wood Sorel. It's easier when they are bigger but I have to pull all the roots before they go to seed.

  3. It is lovely! I love the sweet little added touches and decorations, too.

  4. This is a fun gardening activity and you have made the garden look beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend :)

  5. Oh Carla is all looks so great already. Your decorations make the garden even sweeter. I cannot wait to see the peonies.

  6. Oh so fun to see your gardens and statues

  7. Your garden beds are beautiful. Not a weed in sight. :) It all looks very nice. We are over-run with weeds right now and pulling weeds sure is a backbreaking job. Have a good weekend Carla.

  8. Your gardens look great! I wish mine were that weed-free!
    (Is that a Thomas the Train drawing on one of your border rocks? I love it!)

  9. Your garden looks beautiful, but it always does!

  10. I think your garden looks great … can't wait to see the peonies.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  11. Looking fantastic. WOW. Our peonies are in bloom as well. We did a rose garden tour all by ourselves today . A farm near us has 400 rose bushes in memory of the owners wife. Glorious.

  12. The garden looks wonderful, Carla. It is the best place to be in this crazy time.

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High Fives from Wisconsin!