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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Happy Summer it is the Hodgepodge

Happy Summer Solstice
Hello it is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

1. Saturday marks the first official day of summer! Whoohoo! Your favorite thing about the season?
Garden goodness, warm nights watching firefly dance in the lawn, bon fires, looking at the stars with my boys and yelling " I see Sputnik!"

2. Love it!, labor of love, not for love or money, no love lost, love handles, love does, love-hate relationship, misery loves company, tough love, love will find a way...pick one and tell us how it applies to your life right now.


I am so proud of both of my boys.
Sam.. our National Guard Son who is currently doing COVID19 testing in Milwaukee.

Because he loves his state, loves the USA and wants the best for everyone.

Atticus.. our 2020 Graduate.. who had one crazy end to his high school years.
He has big dreams. He is currently working and tries to make the world a better place each day.
He has a terrific smile.
Just last week, he did not see me in the store he works, I saw him, helping a women with a big bag of garden soil. With his face mask on she could tell he was smiling with the twinkle in his eye.
She thanked him many times for helping her.
My heart was so proud.


3. What's one thing currently causing you to seethe? One thing currently making you smile?
Squirrels .. they are making me seethe. They are rooting up my raised beds.
I think they must be hot. It has been very warm for our neck of the woods. These crazy squirrel roll in my garden and root up my plants.
I was seething big time when I found my gladiolus all scattered about.
My sweet-peas are starting to bloom.
Have you ever smelled a sweet-pea?
Oh my, they are my favorite.

4. Of the following to-dos found on a summer checklist (here) which three would definitely make your personal list of summer want-to-dos?

roast marshmallows over a fire, go berry or peach picking, dangle your feet off the end of a dock, sit on a porch swing, watch the sunset from a beach, nap in a hammock, go barefoot in the grass, collect seashells, play tennis, go fishing, build a sandcastle, catch fireflies, eat a soft serve ice cream cone, make a pitcher of Sangria, swim in a lake, stargaze, ride a bike, paddle a canoe or kayak, make a summer road trip, throw a frisbee

paddle a canoe
go berry picking
dangle your feet off the end of a dock
Do you make an actual list?
My husband and I go canoeing regularly, it is one of our favorite summer past times.
I enjoy going berry picking. I have fantastic memories berry picking with my grandpa.
If I am able to visit my Aunt Sharon this summer, I will be able to dangle my feet off the end of a dock.

5. Thursday is National Splurge Day. What might you splurge on in order to celebrate?
We are doing some landscaping.. so I will splurge on landscaping supplies.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

This message was given to our 2020 Graduate..

May you always stand strong for what you believe in.
Choose to be around those who encourage your growth.
Reach out to others.
Seek the light.
Soak in the goodness of life.


  1. Congratulations to Atticus!! What a great name...and what wonderful boys you have raised. You should be proud, mama, and I know you are. I picked dangling off the dock, too. Wish we lived closer and we could do that together and chat. xo

  2. I loved all your answers, especially your "love does." Sounds like you have done an excellent job! Your summer sounds fun also.

  3. Your boys are heroes. I love the story of your boy helping the lady with the soil.Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. You have a lot to be proud of with your boys! I hope you all have a great summer :)

  5. Congratulations to Atticus and that is a great quote. You have every reason to be proud of your boys. Yep I'm not a fan of squirrels, they pinch the food I put out for the birds!

  6. I miss fire firefly's, they were always fun to see in the summer! You should be very proud of your boys. Way to go MOM! Sorry about the squirrels. Love the sweet peas. Enjoy doing your summer checklist. Love your random. Take care.

  7. Congratulations to your graduate, and to you and your hubs for raising hard working young men. I love sweet peas too. Currently I'm on the patio and there are three huge gardenias blooming right behind me. Their scent is wonderful!

  8. You have raised such wonderful boys!! The sweet peas are gorgeous.

  9. Wonderful boys!!! they make wonderful men.
    I paddle board several times a week this summer, as we are not volunteering at the barn due to covid.
    I laid all the way back on the board today and let it rock me. it was awesome
    I hope to see fireflies tonight. Ive been making our own soft serve.....

  10. What wonderful boys - you must be so proud of them. I love sweet peas, they smell so gorgeous.

  11. Thank you to your sons! Good for them. Oh those squirrels. Our problem is chipmunks! Hope the end of Spring goes well for you.

  12. I love the message to the graduates and I know you are so proud of your boys! Enjoy your day and your landscaping and gardening projects! Hugs! Squirrels...we love to hate them! lol

  13. Love all your sweet answers. Your boys are the best and will do good things in this world. It is a challenging world to live in and with how you raised them will help them as they carve out their journey in life. Those bad little squirrels using your raised beds for their entertainment. Ugh! It has been hot here too. No rain until maybe Saturday. So lots of watering going on here. Have a great day today.

  14. I'm so proud of your boys too! You did a great job, mama! You've got me excited about summer now!

  15. Thank you Sam!! I absolutely love that you got to watch Atticus without him knowing you were there. While reading this I remembered I have seen a place between you and I for blueberry picking. I need to find where that is and when the season is!

  16. Lovely post.
    You should be so proud of the wonderful boys you have raised.

    All the best Jan

  17. I always enjoy reading about your boys, well done! I think my favorite thing about summer is the long days, I like that there is still light in the evening.

  18. You have every right to be proud of both your sons!!!!!!!


High Fives from Wisconsin!