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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Let's discuss the weather!


Let's discuss the weather.

May 29th and May 30th,  I was scrambling to cover plants from a kill frost!

It may not look pretty, but it worked! I used boxes, tarps, blankets and sheets to save my tender annuals. 

 June 4th and June 5th brought 100 degree days!


We will have a short peony season.


HOT.. Northern Wisconsin plants.

 The irises are all popping out to bloom during this June heat wave.

Our week is full of days in the 90's and lows in the 70's. When I walk outside I do not feel like I am walking into a day in the month of June.


How is the weather in your neck of the woods?



  1. That's some crazy weather. We had a normal May, with the normal amount of 100 days compared to last year's May which was warmer than normal. Today was nice, maybe it was 99, which is nicer than 107 a few days ago. Next week, looks bad. June can be our hottest month because it is a dry month, sometimes July is the hottest, if the monsoon rains don't come.

  2. Still relatively unseasonably cool! Normally by now, I'd have been swimming for a week ... but the pool is still too cold for me. In most years by this time, the sun has pounded down on it during days in the high 90s and nights in the low 80s, making the water at least 80 degrees. Not this year! In fact I think we have only one 90-degree day in our forecast this week! Stay cool and comfy indoors until you have "normal" weather again, haahaa! Your plants are lucky to have you. xoxo

  3. HOT!

    But due to go back to 70's. But high 70's.

    I do not do well, with heat/humidity. Nor do we like closing up, with A/C.

    But we are very happy, that we can have A/C.

    That's about it, for Summer Weather. -smile-

    🌴 🌞 🌴

  4. That's quite a difference in temps! It has been unseasonably cool here, and Memorial Day was so chilly, most people hung out by their pools and BBQ's rather than on their boats. I was literally freezing when we were on the water, partly because of rain-cooled air and high winds! Now, it looks like we're going to have a very rainy June: We've had thundershowers almost daily, and we're under a flash flood watch until 10:00 tonight. ;P

  5. glad to see that your plants survived. Here is Texas, we loss so many plants, trees and flowers due to that bitter ice storm. So much rain here this past month and almost all the flowers are drowning in water. I'm pretty sure that Summer will be here in NO time and we will be screaming for rain and cooler temps.

  6. Wow, you really had a challenging time keeping your plants cosy and safe. It's been an unusual weather here too. Real cold then real hot. My peonies are all budded and my irises are in bloom but in the scorching heat, they won't last long.

    I take the beauty and the fragrance when and where it happens and I'm still grateful.

    I've been weeding my potatoes and picking bugs and hiling my potatoes. A time consuming job.

    Take care and enjoy the blooming season.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. We are enjoying pleasant summer days at the moment, but according to the weather forecast the temperatures are due to rise ... we shall see.
    Nice to see your colourful blooms.

    All the best Jan

  8. exactly like yours1 HAHAH A LAKE GENEVA

  9. I was just saying on another blog, it seems that worldwide we went from winter, to summer, no inbetween! Unseasonably chill to ridiculously hot temps! Here is it very hot and we are expecting 104 on Friday and I'm dreading it. Trying to keep the shaded areas wetted down for the poor animals. The birds sit quietly in these shaded areas, mouths open. I also give them plenty of water.

  10. So thankful you were able to save your plants. Such pretty flowers! Janice

  11. Yes, it's messed up. And add on top of that...we're in a moderate to severe drought. Argh. I remember how awful the drought of 2012 was here in Madison--no rain from June through mid-August, and temps in the 90s and 100s. So many perennials went brown and dormant. I'm watering my main gardens and pots, but the rest are on their own. Not fun. Stay cool.

  12. Carla, I was just thinking about this lately. If I plant a rose bush, will it survive in the snow now that I'm in the mountains? Will I have to cover it up? It's smart of you to preserve your flowers and plants and think ahead with the different temperatures. After so extreme cold weather, I'm surprised you've had a couple 100 degree days. We had a warm week or two, in the high 80's, but it's cooler this week. I hope this Summer won't get too hot up here. And we always need rain! Haven't had hardly any this year. Your garden surrounds you with so many pretty flowers, Carla.


  13. Hi Carla,
    We are having crazy weather down here in Illinois. It was so cold and then we have gone into August weather the past week and this coming week too. In the 90's and very little rain. The peonies here where we are living now had a very short couple of weeks. I have to say even with a short time they were very fragrant. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  14. Hot..HOT..HOT..hello from Marshfield, WI. Yes the weather is crazy here in WI. I see you have Bayfield listed on your profile. My son and his wife have a cabin just out of Bayfield and close to Cornacopia(SP???). They are planning to build a house and move up there in a couple of years. He is just 52, but loves it there so much, don't want to wait to retirement at 62. Keep Cool...Bonnie

  15. That was crazy about the frost. The flowers are pretty.

  16. CRAZY is right! Last week it was pouring and freezing. This week it's in the 90s and humid. I'm a little afraid to look at next week's forecast. Your gardens are beautiful...and a lot of work, I'm sure. The weather does not make it easy!

  17. It's been the craziest weather this year. We're further south than you, but have experienced the same things. And I can't remember since we last got rain. I've had to water the garden a LOT and the grass is turning brown already.

  18. Hasn't this been the strangest weather? Our peony season was very short, and for a few of my other favorites as well. Are you under drought conditions also? We are about 5 inches deficient of rain, and the river is the lowest it has been in 29 years!


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