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Friday, October 22, 2021

Marigolds for the Hens


Lolly, Holly, Molly, Dolly and Polly are all doing well. They have enjoyed summer evenings out in the Chicken Tractor. As winter approaches, we will winterize the chicken coop and our hens will be snug.


This season I have been drying marigolds. I plan to toss the petals into the coop for a touch of summer in the  middle of the winter.


I have two large coffee cans full of marigold petals. Each time I open the can, I will smell summer.

For more about marigolds and chickens click here. 


Advice From a Chicken

Hatch good ideas ♥ Cackle with your friends  ♥ Give your sweetie a peck ♥ Start from scratch ♥ Stick together ♥ Look after your brood ♥ Don't let life ruffle your feathers ♥


  1. They sure look gorgeous! I think maybe eating marigolds make the yolks darker and richer?

  2. How nice you will have these this winter for the cuties to eat. That will be a nice treat for them. Have a great weekend xoxo

  3. Your chicken look so healthy. I never knew that Marigold petals was good for chickens. I have lots of marigold blooming right now but sadly, no chickens.

    I learn something new every day.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. Well, they say you are never to old to lean new tricks, I didn't realize I could save my marigolds for my chickens, thanks so much!
    I absolutely love the hens advice! Thank yu for sharing.
    Have a blessed weekend,

  5. What lovely photos these flowers make!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I use to dry my marigolds and make them into garlands for selling t craft shows. So love the names of your chicks! Janice

  7. What a great idea. Nothing like a whiff of summer in the dead of a Wisconsin winter!!!! xo Diana

  8. How beautiful. I know some don't like the scent of marigolds. I love it. So spicy. The chickens will love the petals "in the bleak midwinter." You take such good care of your chickens.

  9. Mmm...keeping a bit of summer in a can. What a fabulous idea.

  10. LOVE this post! Oh Carla, I forgot to plant Marigolds this summer, in fact, I didn't plant any flowers in the vegetable garden. Last fall, I pulled up all the marigolds and let the hens eat them. They loved them! Can't believe I didn't remember that. Now I see why it is so important to keep a gardening journal.

  11. I love marigolds, and I want to know more about why chickens like marigolds in their homes during winter! :D

  12. So pleased that Lolly, Holly, Molly, Dolly and Polly are all doing well :)
    I didn't know they could eat marigolds.

    Enjoy the week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  13. OMG, what a great idea to dry and save the marigolds for winter! I don't have chickens, but I might have to borrow the idea as inspiration to get me through the dark, cold days ahead. Cheers!

  14. The Marigold petals are so pretty, Carla. Their golden color reminds me of Autumn too.
    It sounds like they smell wonderful. They must brighten up the chicken coop during the
    long cold Winter days. I like the "advice from a chicken." And it's all true. ; )


  15. Wow, that's a lot of marigolds. They should enjoy them. I love the advice from the chickens.

  16. How fun. Please share how this works. I am curious if you will see a difference in their yolk color!

  17. The chickens are precious. I hope they enjoy their marigold snack when it's cold! xoxo


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