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Friday, October 15, 2021

Potato Harvest


Hello Friends,

Do you remember my spring post about growing potatoes in pots? 

Click here to read Growing Potatoes in Pots 

We harvested our crop and I am happy to report it was successful.

We enjoyed Potato Soup for dinner last night. It brings a smile as you cook, knowing you grew what you are going to eat. We are very pleased with our growing potatoes in pots. We plan  to do it again next season.

The bottom of our bushel baskets did rot away. I think I can plant potatoes in the baskets again next year, but that may be it for for the bushel baskets, they are falling apart.

Our potatoes on our drying rack.

Did you try any new way of growing something? Please share how it did for you. I enjoy learning new ideas, tips and tricks from you all.




  1. Yay for the successful potato harvest from pots.

    I tried growing sweet potatoes in our short season area. I started sweet potatoes slips last year and because it was too late to plant them I kept one slip growing in a pot in the sunny window and this spring I cut many slips from the original slip and planted them in pots. I brought them out on the deck when it was warm enough and brought them in at night until it was warm enough to plant them in the ground.
    My experiment was very successful and satisfying. We've been eating sweet potatoes from our own garden.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. My new thing was growing plants in fire rings. I hadn't done it before. They are like open-bottomed stock tanks but cheaper. I also got a growing bag, kind of like a burlap bag, and put some bargain chives in it. They are doing well so far! WOW, you got a great crop of potatoes, and aren't they pretty ones! I have heard of your method, and it's great to see it actually works!

  3. Amazing! I sure never knew this would work!

  4. How great that you get to make yummy dinners with all your self grown garden. I bet the potato soup tasted so great. Glad they grew well in the bushels for you. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  5. It's always so exciting to realize that something you made has actually flourished! I am not a green thumb by any means but I am intrigued by this idea. Plus I love potatoes in all forms. You may have inspired me to give it a go!

  6. I didn't but your way, reminds me of a woman in Canada, who did not have much garden area... So she grew potatoes in tires.

    Same idea as yours, but your baskets certainly looked more pleasing, than tires. -smile-


  7. That's great that your potatoes came in Carla, and they look like nice ones. You even have purple potatoes. I've heard of them before. Your potato soup sounds delicious. It's cool to see them on the drying rack. I love how you use everything that nature provides, Carla.

    Have a peaceful October weekend.


  8. Well I dont do it anymore, but use to have raised veggies gardens. It was easier because I mulched after planting which made it for less watering and not having to bend over as much. I love potato soup. So glad the baskets did their job even though they rotted. Janice

  9. Oh Carla...what a pretty harvest of potatoes. You do the neatest things! I have an old bushel basken hanging under the shed. I'm going to make myself a note to use it for potatoes next year. Thank you! I really didn't try anything different this summer, except for the morning glory vine which took over the garden fence and just yesterday produced one little bloom. :)

  10. So pleased you had a good potato harvest.
    I'm sure your potato soup was extra delicious :)

    Enjoy the coming week.

    All the best Jan

  11. I did not know you could grow potatoes in pots. Looks like you had a good harvest.

  12. Thank you for sharing the results. That is so exciting.
    We didn't try any new methods this year, but we did try a new location. It didn't work out so well, but, we're close. See where next year lands us!

  13. How exciting. They look awesome. Enjoy!!!

  14. New subscriber here, found you through Janice's Prims by the Water blog. Glad I did! I didn't plant potatoes in baskets this year but did plant them in the ground and had a pretty good harvest. I've never planted potatoes before so this was really exciting for me! I do plan on trying them in a container next year. I loved Henny Penny's comment about her morning glory plant, lol. We planted a few moonflower seedlings this year that took an awful long time to bloom but they finally did! In fact I'm thinking that next year I may regret planting them! They really are beautiful though - so neat that they bloom at night! Jan in MA


High Fives from Wisconsin!