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Friday, July 1, 2022

This and That


Hello Friends,

Happy July and Happy Birthday to America!

Here is a little bit of This and That from me.

The above photo is The Little Garden That Could one week ago. We have our paths of straw freshly laid.  The garden will be in full bloom very soon. We are lacking rain in my neck of the woods, we have the sprinkler going in the above photo.

 We did receive rain a few days later.. along with hail. Thankfully we did not receive much damage. A few broken blooms and leaves.

Keeping the Flower Shack full of flowers.

Our sweet peas have just started to bloom.


We went strawberry picking, we froze some, we made jam and we saved a big bowl for fresh eating. Wisconsin strawberries are sweet and juicy.


Strawberry Jam

"Kindness begins where necessity leaves off. If your job is to provide supper, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with store - bought components has necessity covered." 

Amor Towles

 We have enjoyed several evening kayaking adventures. The above photo was taken by our friend Bonita during the first sunset of summer.



Before I go.. the following link is for the Rhubarb Ginger Coffee Cake I mentioned in a past blog post. The new recipe was given a thumbs up.

Rhubarb Ginger Coffee Cake  


  1. Love to see your little flower shack is doing well. The strawberries look yummy. I love strawberry jelly on toast. Ahhhhh gotta love summer and flowers and fresh grown garden fruits and veggies. Happy 4th. xoxo Kris

  2. As always Carla, your flowers are so charming! And that strawberry jam looks pretty charming too, haahaha! Strawberries are just one of the happiest things in life. Have you ever, for a treat, dredged a fresh strawberry through sour cream, then dipped it in brown sugar? Well all I'm saying is that once you do that, you will do it twenty times, haaahaa! Your garden looks brilliant. I sent your tips for making homemade fertilizer tea with my TG, who has a mini-veg garden going. He loved it and immediately followed the instructions to make some. Thank you! Have a wonderful Fourth of July with your loves! xoxo

  3. Your Sweetpeas are gorgeous, they don't look like any I have ever seen. And your garden is just the perfect size. Most of the strawberries around here were damaged by hail.

  4. Your garden looks great and that's a great photo of you both in the canoe. Have a great 4th July weekend.

  5. Happy 4th of July. We are celebrating the 1st of July , Canada's birthday today.
    Your garden is looking lovely and not a weed in sight. I'm sorry you're not having sufficient rain. If I could I would share some of ours... Here it rains every other day it seems and that means the weeds are growing full speed. Thank goodness for straw to keep the pathways free of mud. Talking about straw, your strawberries are looking good. I no longer can eat strawberries as I get a violent reaction if I eat any so I no longer grow them.

    I'm glad that you can keep your little flower shack filled with flowers.
    Nice photo of the two of you in the canoe. It looks peaceful.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Happy Fourth of July Carla. I love your 'this and that' post, and they are actually my favorite posts to read. How wonderful that you made strawberry jam. Your sweet peas are so pretty, such a delicate flower. And your garden is coming along nicely this Summer. We are in desperate need of rain also, Carla. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a good idea sometimes. ; )


  7. What a nice post. Your garden looks lovely. Glad you got some rain. Happy to hear that the Flower Shack is doing well. Wow on the strawberries. I get about 30 every other day from my garden. Going to have strawberry shortcake at Adam's on the 4th. I love the quote you shared. Glad you are enjoying the kayaking. I will go to your recipe link now.

  8. The garden and flower shack look so nice. I made jelly long ago, but thought it was a lot of work and I didn't feel like it turned out that well; so one and done for me. All those strawberries make my mouth water, they look so good. Nice photo on the water. Have a good long wkend.

  9. Happy 4th of July!!!!

    Delightful photos, expecially the strawberries...

  10. I always love seeing your garden! We did not get any strawberries this year. We changed our garden around, so didn't have any of our own. Oddly we didn't find any locals selling any. The patch closest to us didn't open at all. Maybe not a good strawberry season down here.


High Fives from Wisconsin!