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Thursday, August 4, 2022

A Special Book and a Peek at the Fish


This little gift was given to me from a dear blog friend, Welcome to Lavender Dreams, her message to me in the inside cover was the following..

"I hope you'll take this little book and add lots of your own touches to it to make it special."

And so I did. 

Starting in 2019 I asked friends and family to sign my little book after they enjoyed a garden tour.


I enjoy looking back at what friends and family have wrote.

The above note is from our son Sam. I chuckle at what he said in 2020, "The garden looks very nice and I like the direction it's going in!"


 Our son Atticus wrote in 2021. "The flowers were fun."


 There are times I forget to have our guests write in the book. I will write a memory of the day. This entry was a day my parents came for a visit. The butterflies were all over flying along and feeding on the flowers. It was a magical tour.


My sister enjoyed her visit. I had her taste many of the herbs in the garden. Her note, "I enjoyed tasting the herbs and flowers! But Watch Out! Some don't taste so good! Ha!"



Special little friends write in the book too.

I enjoy looking back at what my dear friends and family share each garden season.

Having friends and family over for a garden tea and tour is one of my highlights of the summer. 

I had a request that I try to take a photo of the fish, including the Monster of the Deep. The fish seem to be camera shy! I dumped a bunch of food in the water in hopes to have them come up and snap a few photos. You can spy three of the orange, but that ol' Monster of the Deep will not sit still to have his photo taken.






  1. Such a small gift that brings the reward of family and friend's memories for a lifetime! It is so very cool! This reminds me of the autograph books that were so popular back in the 50's. The goal was to get as many friends and aquaintices to sign them as possible. And when signing, to write something very witty. I would take mine to school. Wish I knew what happened to it now. But just like the 50's, it is gone with the wind.

  2. What an uplifting tradition your little book sparked. Recording garden visits and reactions preserves precious memories that assure you of accurate and vivid memories!

  3. It makes me feel so happy to see this little book and all of the precious people that have taken the time to write in it. I know they are so happy to spend time with you and to have some of your flowers. Thank you so much for doing so much for others and for sharing this with all of us! This has really made my day! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. What a charming little treasure book. It will get more precious as the years goes on. Thanks so much for giving it a try to capture on photo of the Monster of the deep. I love seeing your Gold Fishes.
    I'm in full food preserving mode.Our garden is giving in abundance this year and I've been bottling, freezing and pickling a lot. Must be the feast beore the famine...

    Have fun with your garden tours. Wishing you plenty of customers.

  5. Oh what a special gift and now you have beautiful memories to treasure. How nice you can look back and see how many friends and family loved the garden tours. xoxo Kris

  6. What a beautiful book to bring many good memories :)

    All the best Jan

  7. What a cute little book. Diane is so creative making her journals with stickers and tags and whimsical photos and such. That's a great idea to have your guests write in the book. The garden tea and tour sounds wonderful, Carla. Your fish are coming along nicely. And that flower.......it's sooooo pretty.

    Happy August to you, dear friend.


  8. I really like your little garden journal, and what a good idea. I really want to journal but just can't. I scribble notes all over my daily calorie/food list but sit down to write in a journal and my mind goes blank. :(

  9. I love the book and the way you have chosen to use it. It's a lovely gift and a classic tale. I also love looking at your sweet fish. Are the chickens interested in them at all? I wonder...

  10. A delightful gift has proved its weight in gold.


  11. Fun! What a special gift, and the memories are priceless. :)

  12. I love this tradition. What a sweet gift and now memento for you!! Tea and garden tour sound like the best kind of visit! Thank you trying to get some pics of the fishies!

  13. Truly precious, the book with all of the reminiscences of your garden tours! What a great idea. Someday when you're gone, your sons will cherish that. xoxo


High Fives from Wisconsin!