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Monday, March 20, 2023

How Does Your Garden Grow?


One of our garden projects that we created in past years. This year I plan to expand this garden. I would like to add another water feature someplace in the garden as well. I love having water in the garden.

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share the article I wrote for our Village newspaper, Cameron Chronicle "The Little Paper With Personality." This article was for the March 2023 issue.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Carla TePaske of Cameron WI ~ The Little Garden That Could

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells, and pretty maids all in a row. This is the way we plant our seeds, plant our seeds, plant our seeds. This is the way we plant our seeds, early in the morning.

It is that time, it is time to start planning the garden. Decide now what you want to plant in spring and summer, and take the necessary steps to prepare.

If you intend to start plants from seed, now is the time to start.

Pick a project to improve your garden. If you plan to refresh or expand your garden beds, decide what plants you want. Get your decision-making off your list before the garden season picks up.

There are always things we want to add to our garden that we never get done. That’s because we don’t schedule it, and what doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done. If you really want to add that water feature or that greenhouse or start a wildflower garden, now is the time to map it out, including the steps and the timeline.

My gardening motto is the following, plant something fun, plant something new, and plant something tried and true.

The plant something new is important. As you pick your improvement projects and seeds to grow, remember to pick something new. As gardeners who have been at it a while, we tend to get stuck in ruts and grow the same things over and over. There are so many opportunities to try something new, and in the process, we grow with it and learn so much more.

As we plan out our garden season, remember that time is your most precious resource, our growing season goes by fast.

Seize the moment. Until next time happy gardening!


  1. Ohhhhh I bet you are so excited for Spring to arrive and get your Little Garden that Could going for the season. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

  2. Good advise. I kind of live by those rules and never realized it until you mentioned it.
    Things that I've tried over the last couple of years was growing Sweet potatoes since it needs a long warm season to grow and we have a short growing season, I started to sprout a store bought sweet potato and it took for ever to sprout but I got about 25 lbs of sweet potatoes from that one potatoes. Last fall, I got about 50 lbs of sweet potatoes from one of my own sweet potato. I'm glad I tried to grow something new.

    HAPPY SPRING and happy gardening.

  3. Our gardening schedule here in south Texas is much different than those of you up north. By the end of April, we harvest tomatoes we are picking ripe strawberries now, and cotton by the end of June. Around august 1st crops are being tilled under for next season (around mid January)

  4. What a smart gardening motto. I need to get better at planning my garden!

  5. Those are wonderful suggestions. I know we need to run to the nursery but we have been waiting for our extreme rain to stop. I love your water garden. Looking forward to seeing if you add something to it.

  6. Planting something new every year is fun, and would give us the motivation to go out and garden!

  7. If I was still at my old house, my seeds would be purchased already and new flowers would be circled in my garden catalogs to purchase. No room for much here at the new house. Janice

  8. It's so nice to hear water flowing in our gardens. I would love to see the project you start adding another water feature in your garden when you're finished. I was out there raking the leaves today. So much work always. This is a nice article, and very helpful to your readers.

    Happy first day of Spring, Carla!


  9. How exciting to be writing for the village newspaper!

  10. I like that idea to plant something new each year. I'm so ready for warmer weather to arrive.

  11. I love our pond, but have always wanted to add another water feature, too. This weekend my husband boxed out three garden beds for flowers and veggies. That's new for us, so I'm excited. We haven't grown food in years!


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