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Friday, March 3, 2023

On The Road Friday ~ Red Cedar State Trail

 Hello Friends,

Today we are going on a trip to Red Cedar State Trail Menomonie, Wisconsin.

The evening of January 27th  we participated in the Candlelight Ski. We have done this for several years. During the COVID19 years the candlelight ski events came to a halt. It was exciting to get back to  the enjoyment of the romance of a candlelight ski.

The trail is light by candlelight to the ice wall. The ice wall is light up by candlelight making it a true winter wonder. 

A lovely luminary along the trial.

 A week later my husband and I decided to head back to the Red Cedar Trail and ski the trail during the day. We had a week of very cold weather. In my day photos you will notice how the ice wall 'grew'. The colors of the ice are blue and green, sometimes photos just cannot capture natures ever changing beauty.



Red Cedar Trail

 This 14.5-mile rail trail shadows the steep walls of the Red Cedar Valley from Menomonie to its connection with the Chippewa River State Trail. Along its route, the trail passes through the communities of Irvington and Downsville and the Dunnville State Wildlife Area. The trail passes by prairies, marshland bottoms, forests and farmlands, including sandstone bluffs and other unique rock formations.

Thank you for coming along with me today.





  1. Hi Carla, It's so nice that you got to do this with your husband. The ice wall is very impressive.
    I hope that you can get some more skiing done before the snow melts. Only 17 days to official spring.

  2. How awesome was that? That frozen wall of water is amazing.

  3. I imagine it's a spectacular area in ALL seasons!!

  4. Your candlelit ski trail reminded me of the candlelit trail they do yearly at Greenfield Village. It is so pretty with paper luminaries! That is some ice for sure! So glad they brought it back for you to once again enjoy! Janice

  5. Sounds like a wonderful event. Stunning photos, too! Next to no snow left here in the Madison area, and I'm happy. LOL. Thanks for listing your name with your anonymous comment on my blog. I generally don't post anonymous comments, but if a person lists their name I figure I can trust the comment. :)

  6. Hi Carla: I left a message before, but I don't think it went through? Anyway, what an amazing place to hike. Your photos are beautiful, too!

  7. I'm so glad that your event was back to normal and what a beautiful wall of ice in the night and the day!!

  8. Wow that ice wall is amazing.

  9. That is a big ice wall, we didn't get too many here this winter. Beautiful photos!

  10. Oh, these are awesome photos! That ice wall is something else! How neat that the trail is lit up by candlelight. Thank you for sharing these photos of Winter in your part of the world, Carla.


  11. Wow! What an amazing ice wall. I love ice formations. One of our many winter wonders!


High Fives from Wisconsin!