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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack, I don't care if I never get back, and it is the Hodgepodge!


Hello Friends.. It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge!

Joyce asks the questions.

We answer the questions.

 1. Did you watch any coverage of the 9/11 services on Monday? Yes, I did and I also read a few articles. How do you feel on this day some 22 years after the events occurred? I am sad. Our nation is so divided it just breaks my heart. Share more if you want to share more. 

I do know America is not perfect.. but the United States of America is a true miracle. I pray it will always be a beacon of freedom. 

 2. September 13th is National Peanut Day...do you like peanuts? I do! Your favorite dish that contains peanuts? My favorite way to eat peanuts are at a baseball game.



A blast from the past... our boys having their baseballs signed.

 I enjoy sea salt roasted peanuts.

3. Something you're currently 'nuts' about? 

Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

4. Your favorite Peanuts character? There are several quizzes online if you're curious...I took two and got the same character for both so I'm sure it's accurate lol. (Click here for the link)

I took the quiz. And I am  Charlie Brown.

You are Charlie Brown, an ambivert.
As an ambivert, you're both introverted and extroverted, depending on your mood or the situation. You're gentle and lovable, determined and hopeful. You mean well and care deeply about your friends. When it comes to failure, you stay optimistic, press on, and cheer for your friends to keep on going!
My favorite Peanuts character is Snoopy.
 5. Tell us about a job you worked 'for peanuts'
I worked/volunteered for Barron County Aging and Disability for the nutrition program. I worked two weeks on.. two weeks off for about 4 1/2 hours a day. I made $7.25 an hour. I was well aware of the pay 'peanuts'.  I did it because it was fun for me to serve our local community. I have good memories and lots of fun stories from my time making 'peanuts'.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 



  1. I love the color of your mums! I know the rewarding feeling you had far outweighed the peanuts!

  2. I was wondering why I feel so hungry today . . . I think it is because I keep reading about peanuts! I, too, am an ambivert and Snoopy is my favorite character!

  3. Great answers. I love Snoopy and even named our Beagle after the characters when I was young.

  4. Love those flowers Carla and yes sometimes job satisfaction outweighs the need for more pay.

  5. I'm also saddened by the division and feel a bit discouraged when I try to see how we fix that. I know nothing is too big for God and truly feel we need a bit of a miracle to come together as a nation. I want some mums but it's still so summery here it doesn't feel like it's quite time yet.

  6. Praying the same for our country. If America falls, the whole world falls.

    Your mums are beautiful! Love the rich color.

    I took two of the Peanuts quizzes. One said I am Marcy, and the other, Peppermint Patty. Who knows?

  7. This was a fun one!! A cute blast from the past and lots of peanut related stories! I love that you are Charlie Brown!! Those mums scream fall! I will have to check out that tea.

  8. Several Hodgepodgers today have mentioned divided as a way to describe our country now and it is sad but true. I love Snoopy too but according to the quiz, I'm a Marcie. Great Dove wrapper!

  9. I pray for our nation as well, and hope that goodness and justice will always prevail. I got Charlie Brown as a result in one of the quzzes as well, and I guess it's somewhat accurate. Hope you have a great week!

  10. The mums are beautiful. Love all your sweet answers. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs. Kris

  11. Love your title. 9/11 was so sad. I will never forget. Love your answer on the peanuts and a baseball game. I like Snoopy too! Love your random thought.

  12. Chocolate and peanuts go together real well! I love your 'boy memories'!

  13. First of all, that bunch of flowers looks so Fall looking and very pretty. My favorite peanuts are the salted shelled ones. I love to crack them open, they're so fresh. How nice that when you took the quiz, you ended up being a "Charlie Brown." Who doesn't love him? I'm glad you have wonderful memories working for the aging and disability nutrition program. I enjoyed all your answers today.


    **Carla, I got your card in the mail! I want to thank you so much for sharing the joy we felt when baby Charlotte was born. You are such a special friend to me, and your notes and cards in the mail have always meant the world to me. : )

  14. My kids were in a musical version of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang years ago. I made the costumes and I just remember it was great fun!

  15. I love Snoopy too nut my nickname use to be Woodstock because I was not tall. LOL Loved you answers. Janice

  16. I'm Charlie Brown too. With strong shadings of Lucy. Haahaaa xoxo


High Fives from Wisconsin!