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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strike Two!

Apostle Islands
This is a postcard photo. We hope to see God's amazing creation of the Apostle Islands in winter. We have tried and this is the second winter we have struck out.
  I am thankful people keep an eye on the safety of the ice for us. Lake Superior is a mighty lake that must be respected. I will wait for conditions to be 100% and look from afar until that safe winter day comes. 
Looking from afar...safe on the beach.
  We found this sign interesting, and it made for great conversation on our ride back to Ashland. The boys wondered? What do they mean by reduction? Do they hunt the deer? Or catch and release them? How big is Sand and York Island?  This means of course...another place to explore for the TePaske family!

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  1. We've lived here two years and have yet to see the famous ice caves. Maybe next year the ice will cooperate. Yesterday my daughter and friends wanted to walk out to the lighthouse east of Ashland but the ice wasn't safe so they just messed around on the ice by the Oredock and got some fun pictures.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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