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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Post by: Sam and Atticus - Mexico part 2

Hey, it is me Atticus. We separated clothing that we brought over. We had a nice pile.
Helping make lunch for the work crew.
We went to a WalMart in Mexicali. It was different then our WalMarts...they did not have the eggs in the coolers. The eggs were stacked on top of each other right as you came into the store. They had tons of oranges and other fruit. A lot more fruit then what we have.
We did balloon animals for the children and counted with them in Spanish. We also said other Spanish words we knew. It was fun to try to talk with them.
Stay posted for next week. We will show you what our Dad was up to during the trip.

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  1. Fun post. It's interesting to see other country's grocery stores, isn't it. In England, I was surprised to see how messy their produce section and dairy section were, even in the bigger towns. So strange!
    Enjoying your posts.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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