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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preparing for camping

After several years of forgetting things for camping...I finally came up with an idea...we should have a binder with a Camp List and start to journal our camp trips. We started this in 2005 and I am so glad we did. The camp list is on our computer, so if I need to update it or print more sheets out, it is simple. Taking time to read our memories during a camp trip is wonderful.
Each night before bed, or during breakfast I ask each family member to tell me a memory of the day and journal it. We also have visitors sign our book and share any memories of the day. We have gone camping with friends and again looking back at what we journal is so special to us.
If you are having trouble remembering items for camping - give this idea a try. We also write down a menu for each day, this way we remember the food items too. If we plan to have Mac and Cheese a night...I know I need butter and milk too. It is a big check off list before we leave. The boys help me and like to yell " Check"!


  1. Great idea. After camping with experienced campers eight years ago that had a camping list, I started one for us. It's kept on the computer and every trip we write down things we need to remember for next time. Writing down menus is a good idea. I love the idea of a camping journal. That's cool that this is something your family enjoys doing together. My family is almost evenly divided with people who like to camp and people who don't. Hope you have a good camping season.

  2. Isn't that helpful! I do the same thing for packing for a trip. I cross off the things I found unnecessary and add things I wish we'd taken. Happy camping!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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