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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grilling Turkey

We have grilled a turkey for Mother's Day for the past twelve years. My parents come to our home and we celebrate Mother's Day together. Here are some tips from Jeremy on grilling a perfect turkey.
1. Clean the turkey out
2. Cut slab of fat out of the cavity and set aside to use
3. Salt the inside of turkey
4. Cut two small slits for the wing tips to go inside the skin
5. Place the fat on the top of the breast bone
6. Salt and Pepper turkey
To grill - use a disposable pie plate and place in the center of the grill. See photo above...set coals around the pie plate. You will place the turkey on the grill once the coals are white. Depending on the weather cook time can be estimated  12 to 15 minutes per pound.

Enjoy! I love grilled turkey! My husband does a great job. My mom looks forward to her Mother's Day meal every May.

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  1. That looks fantastic! I'd never thought of using the fat that way. What a great idea for keeping the breast meat from drying out. I've gotta try this.


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