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Friday, May 20, 2011

Copper Falls State Park

We left last Friday for Copper Falls State Park located by Mellen, WI. This was our first camp trip of 2011. We love to camp and have been doing it the entire time together as a couple and introduced it to our boys at 6 months old! We have learned a lot in the fourteen years we have been camping and I will be doing a few posts on things we have learned along the way. Mellen, WI
Check out the following website for some history about Copper Falls. It is a beautiful park. It has deep gorges, spectacular waterfalls and log buildings built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's to add to the charm of the park.
Mining history is all over in that area of Wisconsin. The Penokee mountain range travels through Wisconsin.
Check out the following website - an article from backpacker magazine. It is a great article explaining the mountain range of Wisconsin.
 Copper Falls
Yes, it is true. If you look real close...yes...that is snow in the gorge. We had okay weather on Saturday, we had light rain in the morning, but cleared by evening. All day we had a strong wind. Yes, it was a bit chilly. We had our winter hats and mittens. We were fine. Our excitement was to see the falls in full power. Because the snow  had not all melted, you know we got to see a great rush of water. 
SNOW! May 15th 2011.
Tuesday May 10th - Mellen received 65 to 67 mile hour wind. Trees were down all over. I will be posting some of the damage in my next posts featuring Copper Falls State Park.

Copper Falls is 29 feet. The park got its name from the falls.


  1. I love Copper Falls and haven't been there for several years! I want to make this a destination for sure this summer! Thanks for the post. I hope there wasn't too much tree damage. That's always so sad.

  2. Nice pictures. That's neat that your family all likes to camp. It's fun to see the falls in the spring with all the runoff. Not quite the same in September. I didn't realize that Copper Falls had been damaged by a storm.


High Fives from Wisconsin!