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Monday, May 23, 2011

Flambeau River State Forest

The Flambeau River State Forest is located on County Road M in Sawyer County. If you travel east from Cameron on HWY 8 and you will arrive at the little town of Hawkins on HWY 8 - you will see County Road M - turn left and take M to Flambeau River State Forest. That is one way of getting to the Forest. Jeremy and I both grew up in this neck of the woods. This area has a special place in our hearts.
Two forks of the Flambeau River provide 75 miles of uninterrupted natural beauty and whitewater excitement.
We both learned how to swim in Connors Lake. Connors Lake and Lake of the Pines have campgrounds. Both are beautiful lakes...spring fed, clear cold and great to cool off in after baling hay. (that is just what I did growing up) 
You can hike to Little Falls on the Flambeau River. If you can go during high water...you will be in awe.

Some silly friends of mine tried to canoe down Little Falls when we were seniors in High School during high water. Not a good idea. As you can see from the photo above the rocks...the canoe got caught sideways on the rock. The water continued to push the canoe into the rock bending the canoe in half. One of the guys tried to push off, his hand got caught between the rock and canoe.
The boys like me to tell that story after a day of canoeing together...I remind them, never underestimate the power of a River.


  1. I've been talking with Kevin about taking a couple day trips when he's got a break. I think this should be one of them. Looks like a beautiful area! I think my grandma used to fish at someplace called 'Flambeau Flowage.' Is there such a place? or was I dreaming that? ;-)

  2. Looks like somewhere reasonably close. Maybe well get down there this summer. I'd love to hear more about your Wisconsin State Park unit.


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