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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pattison State Park

We are back from a great camp trip to Pattison State Park. I will be blogging more about the park in future posts. It was a wet and cool trip. We enjoyed every moment...we stayed nice and dry in our pop-up camper and made great memories. Atticus enjoyed the time so much, he cried our last night. He wanted to stay...together. I know how he feels. Daddy gets to be with us all day...we play more...worry less...I am sure you know what I mean. I always miss Jeremy when we come home from trips, so I know how Atticus feels. We enjoyed each other and bonded even more. As the boys grow, this time for us is so precious. I thank our Lord for a great camp trip. I am excited to share more with you.


  1. What a special family time, and you couldn't find a better setting for it! It's always hard to have a sweet time like that come to an end, isn't it.

  2. I think I found Wholly Guacamole at WalMart. I do have a good recipe, but I either make too much or too little, and I hate wasting it. I'm tempted to just eat the rest of it...probably not a good idea. lol So I buy WG cuz it comes in a box with two packets. It can be frozen until you need it, then take out a packet and set it in a bowl of warm water while you're making the rest of the meal. Then it's ready to go!

  3. I admire your family's fortitude to camp in cool weather. I'm more of a fair weather camper so consequently haven't gone yet. I'm interested to hear more about Pattison as we haven't been there yet and as we've discussed before, it's one of the few state parks in Northern Wisconsin.


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