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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Superior Falls

Superior Falls
Border of Michigan and Wisconsin - travel to Hurley, Wisconsin and Ironwood, Michigan
Water Source - Montreal River
Superior Falls is dammed. The sign above reads...to get out of the area if the horn blows, they are going to open the dam. We laughed at the sign, because if we had to run, it would have been a hard time. Getting to the falls is a challenge, you have to be fit to make it down the rugged terrain.
Superior Falls is 90 feet
Montreal River on its way to Lake Superior
Can you see the mighty Lake?
Montreal runs into Lake Superior


  1. We've gotta get up that way this summer. I love it up there! Beautiful photos.

  2. we love Superior Falls. Kind of a little hidden jewel. We only knew about it because a friend took us there. We like it best in the spring when the river is full from winter's run off.


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