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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday Post, by Sam and Atticus

We love rocks! We have lots of rocks, my Mom got creative on how to display our rocks. She puts them in her plants and decorates with some of the really cool ones. The fun thing is my Mom loves rocks too. We have some friends that love rocks, and they invited us to become a part of the Northwest Wisconsin Gem and Mineral Society. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month. We went to our first meeting in May. It was fun. We got to watch a video about Fire Agates! This coming month we will study Emeralds, you can mine them in North Carolina. We hope to stop at a few Sapphire mines on our trip to Montana.
The top photo shows you what the rock looks like. Slice it open to find a surprise. God has so many surprises for us!
Some more of our fun rocks. My dad thinks the one agate close to where we are typing looks like Lake Superior. The purple one is Amethyst.
Do you like rocks? Do you have a favorite?
Some of the best stories we have of bringing rocks home are... Sam found a cool rock in California. Mom packed it up in her clothes to fly home with us. Sam and Atticus found a cool rock on the shores of Lake Superior, it was big and flat, Dad said it was sandstone. Dad carried it to the back of the truck and made sure it came home safe. My mom has that rock in her outside garden.

The reason for a Thursday Post on a Sunday...we had computer trouble...we got our post up Thursday, but not published.

Have a good week - Sam and Atticus

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