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Friday, July 6, 2012

On the Road Friday

Yay! We head back to Texas...well you know what they say"EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS"

The Capitol has an amazing museum. It is well done for kids, it has several  hands on projects for kids to do. They can dress up like Davey Crockett, purchase land and create a map of their land. The above story breaks my heart.

We did not get to see much of the Mansion due to the construction. This photo I took inside the museum.

All of the Capitols we have visited so far...have amazing grounds. We did not get to tour all of the Texas Capitol grounds because we ran out of time. We will have to go back. This tree was amazing! The flowers and the fragrance of the tree was so romantic. The grounds has a trail of trees, 27 different trees. This is the Texas Mountain Laurel.

The flowers and fruits of this tree contain poison. Consumption of one seed produces nausea, convulsions and sometimes death.

Take a peek at the lights.

Yep, a STAR...and it spells TEXAS!

Can you make out TEXAS!

Yep, more STARS...that was the cute thing about the boys. They continued to say "Texas does not want you to forget they are the Lone Star State!"

We made it! Another State Capitol! We have 44 more to go!

My boys were walking back to our car...sweet car Mom!!

A few more stars!

Sam, do not get too close to that car! I was so afraid some kind of alarm would go off and my son would be carted away. He might sneeze or toot and cause an alarm to go off.

 Texas! We enjoyed visiting Austin. Texas has done a great job of sharing the history of this great state. The boys loved every bit of it. Kid friendly and that makes it a great place to learn!


  1. Wow! Nothing like a great field trip! Looks like you had an amazing time.Did your boys come away speaking Texan? :-)

    I love your new card too. Beautiful scene.

  2. How impressive...I enjoyed your pictures....and descriptions of everything. thankyou, I enjoyed it..... because you posted about your visit...I got to learn and see some things I never would...otherwise. That was fun! I hope the rest of your trip is just great. What a great trip for your boys....that was some classy car there!


High Fives from Wisconsin!