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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Do you know what an Earwig is? I wish I did not. This ugly insect has decided to live on our property for the past four years! The first two summers we tried to get rid of them on our own. We bought spray and granules to try and kill the EARWIG! It did not work. Last summer we called Guardian Pest Solutions, a wonderful thing happened. The tech  came to our home and blasted the earwigs. We were so happy. "No More Earwigs" we danced around the kitchen.
 June 23, 2012...I saw my first earwig in our garden fence...then I saw another...NOOOO they can not be back. Yes, they were. Tons of them. I called Guardian Pest Solutions....the tech came and sprayed and said "this should take care of them"

Yesterday, we found several more nests of Earwigs. This morning I declared WAR on the Earwig. I called Guardian Pest Solutions. When the tech showed up this morning, he said "I am getting my shotgun ready for them this time." He sprayed big time! 

We had to stay in the house for an hour and a half. After the time was done, we went to investigate. Yes, they were dead.

The earwig is so gross, because it gets into things. It likes to hide. When you move something tons of them drop out. Lawn decoration, furniture, toys, flowers and they EAT plants.

Our first summer having them, I picked a pretty bouqute of flowers for a sick friend. I gave them to her with a smile and she set them on the dinning room table. Drop, drop, drop the earwigs stared to come out of the sunflower, tons of them hid in the sunflower area of the flower. YUCK!! I declare war!

Have you had to deal with a PEST? How about earwigs, have you had to deal with earwigs? What did you do to get rid of your pest?

An interesting note, the tech told us that because Northwest Wisconsin is doing well this summer (no drought) it is like the Garden of Eden...all the bugs are leaving and coming to Northwest Wisconsin. A flying bug can travel 50 miles a night using the jet stream!! Wow! Our tech was very busy! I asked him to share a few fun stories about getting rid of pests. :) That was fun...and will be saved for another blog post.

Operation Earwig
Sending out the troops against the Earwig
Calling all good spray to work against the Earwig


  1. Ick!!! Sorry you've had to deal with this irritating annoyance. I know what earwigs are. One shows up around here ever so often, but so far, thank goodness, not in the epidemic proportions you've had. I hope they're gone for good.

  2. We may be in a drought but we still have some earwigs. Mostly finding them in the bathroom. they are eating some of my plants too. the worst was a few years ago - taking a drink of water with a straw - there was an earwig in it.

  3. Yes, we have them this summer for the first time ever ...in the house. I hate them, they are creepy & so hard to kill. I scoop them up and flush them when I can. One even got on our bed one night. I thought...can they fly???

  4. I had never heard of these gross little pests until we moved to Iowa and they are everywhere. Ugh! Hope the infestation doesn't last long.

  5. Oh good grief! And I thought the box elder beetles and potato beetles were our only problems! PLEASE do not let them migrate toward Dallas! We are already on the schedule for spraying for the box elder beetles, for without the spray, they take over our house! I have never seen an earwig and I hope to keep it that way. EEEEK.


High Fives from Wisconsin!