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Friday, July 27, 2012

On the Road Friday

On the road to a beautiful garden.
A dear friend of ours shared a garden with us last night. We enjoyed all the flowers and decorations.
Sit back and stroll with us.
It just rained... the flowers are so pretty to photograph. I loved this lily, I have never seen a double lily before. I just loved this flower.

I love this photo too. I want to draw a smile!!

See the rain drops on the beautiful green?

I love this deep pink.

A gorgeous splash of orange.

I want to add a smile.

I love the color!! My favorite!

Hope you enjoyed our stroll in the garden. What are your favorite flowers? Do you have a flower garden?


  1. Beautiful flowers! My all-time favorite is the daffodil, for it's the first flower beauty I get after all the snow. But in the summertime, my favorite is either 'stargazer lily' or 'echinacea.' I love them both. And, of course, zinneas, for they're so cheery!! I have three clumps of something in my flower garden that, when it blooms, I think I will be able to identify as 'aster.' I hope so, for I love purple asters too!

  2. Carla, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful flowers!


High Fives from Wisconsin!