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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Remodel Hodgepodge

It is time for the Hodgepodge.

Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?

I loved to wear my Brownie and Girl Scout uniform to our Girl Scout meetings and any events we participated in.

 2. April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth?

 We do a good job about recycling. My friend Lori has an amazing system with recycling. My boys are fascinated with her recycling system and encouraged us to try it also.
 We are doing our part here at our house.

3. Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous...your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home?  Given a choice between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for? 
Our family loves rice. 
My mom makes several wonderful Wild Rice dishes and soups.

  4. In your opinion, who has the best job ever?

 A Stay At Home Mom
I have been blessed to be able to stay home with my boys. 
No, it is not easy. We have sacrificed things that we could otherwise have or do for me to be able to stay at home.

My second answer would be doing what you love. The best job is the one you love. My dad gave my sister and me the same advice over and over. Do something you love. So going to work does not feel like going to work.

 5. What's a situation in your life currently requiring patience? 
Our basement project.
The good old Wisconsin weather is making this a challenge.
We are all ready to go. Our house is braced. We have everything moved for our contractor.
We woke up to SNOW!

6.  Do you live your life around days of the week? Explain.

"Every morning there were the dishes to wipe. Mary wiped more of them than Laura because she was bigger, but Laura always wiped carefully her own little cup and plate. By the time the dishes were all wiped and set away, the trundle bed was aired. Then standing one on each side of the bed, Laura and Mary straightened the covers, tucked them in well at the foot and the sides, plumped up the pillows and put them in place. Then Ma pushed the trundle bed into it's place under the big bed. After this was done, Ma began the work that belonged to that day. Each day had it's own proper work. Ma used to say:
Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Mend on Wednesday,
Churn on Thursday,
Clean on Friday,
Bake on Saturday,
Rest on Sunday."     ~ Little House in the Big Woods p. 28 - 29.

Every day is not necessarily the same. We have different activities going each season.
We have a routine for most of our school days.
 I do have a routine for exercise during the week. I try to be consistent with my blogging. My extra housework is when I have time or I see that something has to get done.
7. In a nod to the A to Z challenge happening around town this month, what 'R word' best describes your April? 
With our basement project going on. We will be remodeling our laundry room in the basement. Adding some shelving and organizing.
 8. Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Good Morning Carla and Boys. Snow??? Oh no. Praying that the remodel project gets back on track soon. How nice to have new shelving etc. for the laundry area. The shelves above my washer/dryer are so high that I can't use them! (and I'm not short) Must have been a very tall person that installed it!

  2. Good luck with the remodel. Ugh. I know the results will be fabulous, but having lived through MANY of them in several homes, I know what you're up against. Here's hoping that this is the last snow you see for the season and your project resumes quickly!! :)

  3. Sorry about the snow again. Hopefully the contractor will be able to start soon. It will be so nice when finished.
    Loved the answers to the questions. Happy Earth Day.

  4. These are always fun to read, Carla. We woke up to heavy snow this morning, too. What the heck? I am so sick of all of this. Loved your answers. Have a great Wednesday-xo Diana

  5. Don't know what's going on with all the snow these days! It must end!!! Earth Day is a good sign of it! I hope the remodel goes okay, thinking of you my friend! xo

  6. Wow, snow?! Our temps have cooled to the 50s but it is sunny and breezy :) I agree about your answer on the best job. Love Little House and enjoyed reading that. Have a great rest of the week :)

  7. Oh my word, snow would be hard to take right about now. It's still not warm here. We've had three warm-ish days since Spring began, but mostly still in the 40's. Good luck with your house project!

  8. Good luck with the remodel. A few of my answers to some of those questions. I have worn school uniforms, sports uniforms and work uniforms. Brown rice, quinoa and couscous feature weekly in our meals. Definitely being a SAHM.

  9. You guys are so ready for that basement remodel! I can't believe you woke up to snow! I love rice but we've been eating a lot of quinoa lately!

  10. Carla, I didn't know you were a stay at home mom, how wonderful! I stayed at home with my kids and were with them always. Yes, it was tiring at times, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Oh, I love rice too. My mom didn't make it too much when we were growing up, so I made it often after I got married. Your girl scout uniform must have looked darling on you. I was a girl scout also. So many thing we have in common, my friend.


  11. Wonderful shot of the daffodil.

  12. Snow? Oh my gosh. I hope it's all gone bye bye. I liked your quote from little house in the big woods. I remember reading that many years ago.....

  13. Some day you should share about the recycling system! I am curious!


High Fives from Wisconsin!