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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Book Across the Bay 2017

 Book Across the Bay
Ashland to Washburn
Across Chequamegon Bay

Yes, that is water that the skis are sloshing around in the above photo.
Wisconsin is experiencing a Heat Wave like I have never had in my life time. 
In fact, another huge ski race may be cancelled this week, the
American Birkebeiner.

 The sad part of this story, is that our Northland thrives on tourism. Skiing, snow and winter fun is all a part of that. Yes, I like the warm temperatures, but I will be honest, it is strange to have 60 degree days in February in Northern Wisconsin.

Enough about the weather and on to the Book Across the Bay, a memorable ski for our family.
The Thank You below is from the Book Across the Bay staff.

 THANK YOU to all of you who came out to support 2017 Book Across the Bay — as participants, spectators, volunteers, and sponsors. This event would not happen without all of you! This year’s trip across the bay was certainly memorable — our snow held out until late morning on race day, but ultimately could not stand up to the extremely warm weather. However, with our hearts full of Book Across the Bay spirit, and our boots full of water, we all made the best of it and had an enjoyable evening.

 The ice we are skiing on is 15 to 25 inches thick.

 We were in wave 3.
Usually about 4,000 people participate, just over 1,000 participated for this years unseasonably warm Book Across the Bay.

 We ski at night, with beautiful luminaries lighting our way.

We had one pressure crack in the ice that we had to ski over. The Book Across the Bay staff made a bridge to ski over the pressure crack.

We decorate our poles with glow sticks.

Having our family ski along all together with the poles a glow looks so fun.
We received many compliments on our poles.

We finished the race, our boots full of water. Wearing wool socks helped.
We walked back to our vehicle.
We changed our clothes and put on nice warm socks.
As we got ready to pull out of the make shift parking lot, we noticed the frost and melted out and our vehicle and sunk down. The adventure was not over, no way, we got stuck.

No worries, my boys to the rescue. We pushed our way out.

Now we were full of mud!

A Book Across the Bay for the Books!

Memories made with my boys!!


  1. Thanks for the photos, it sounds like quite a challenging event under the circumstances. Congratulations on taking part for a good cause. People like you make the world go round.
    Prayers for your neighbour JoAnn.

  2. Wow!! I am totally amazed and spellbound by your post! This is awesome! Beautiful, fun, and awesome memories that few will have. Your first two pictures are gorgeous! We are having the same heat wave here in Virginia. I have never experienced such a thing, maybe it is global warming? Your ice is actually at least 15 inches thick, even with the extended heat wave? So how long did it take?

  3. What amazing memories with you and your family. I love that you put lights on your skis, so fun! What a strange winter! I hope some late February snow comes and helps the tourism! NH is SO similar that way! We took our girls cross country skiing for the first time last week! Heading back this weekend, what an amazing time!

  4. I'm so glad you got to take part as a family. Sounds like it is one you won't soon forget! Love those glow sticks. We played with them on the beach last Fall and came home and put some on our wish list. They are super COOL! Hugs!

  5. This is such a nice tradition that you do as a family. It sounds really magical as well. Oh no for getting stuck! Good thing you've got strong guys to help push you out! The winter has been mild here, It's a shame for your tourism industry. We're supposed to hit 70 on Friday!

  6. Prayers and good wishes still for you neighbor. You are such an angel to help out for a great cause.
    Love all the fun family things you guys do together. Have a great day.

  7. What a totally neat experience. You guys always look like you are having fun as a family. The weather has been unseasonably warm here, too. Just two years ago (and for the five before it) we had temps that were at zero or below for weeks and weeks on end. These 60 degree days are a bit unnerving, but I am not complaining. The snow is still peppered around, but I can leave my coat at home and walk in the sunshine. Not bad.

  8. Hi Carla and family, Wonderful photos of your family time together. I love the glow sticks! Wishing you a blessed day.

  9. Wow, lovely photographs. I do like the glow from the sticks too!

    The weather globally seems a little more mixed than ever this year ...

    All the best Jan

  10. What a unique skiing event. One that I am sure you and your family will be able to tell stories about in the year ahead! The melted ice sure makes for some neat reflections in your photos :)
    Hoping that this coming storm brings snow, not ice or rain!

  11. I don't think I should have sent a green "winter blues" card. I may have jinxed it. Lori

  12. What fun! And how pretty the GLOW sticks! We snow skied, but I can't imagine skiing on ice. You are brave!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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