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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love ~ n ~ Sharing

Love ~n~ Sharing
In October I received a phone call  asking if I would like to help plan a Parenting Summit for February 11, 2017.
I discussed the idea with my husband. 
We listed the Pros and Cons...

I enjoy working with Julie, who was the head of the project.
I remember attending a parenting seminar when our boys were toddlers and how much it helped us.
I already was working on a project. Do I really need another?
Too many hens in the hen house ... ever hear that term?
Several times when I have worked on committees we have plenty of bossy women. Who never like your NEW idea of doing something.

After talking over the Pros and Cons, I decided to do it. Under one condition, I would NOT BE IN CHARGE of anything, I would be a helper.

Come December, I somehow was the LEADER of the Children's portion of the summit. 
This was during the week of Christmas that the news was passed on to me. 
Ring, Ring, Ring the telephone goes.
Me, "Hello"

Julie, "Ah, Carla, I just do not think I will not name any names  is doing the job. I really would feel much better if you would be the leader of the Children's portion of the summit."

Me to my husband "How did I get myself into this?" 

 Love ~n~ Sharing
I began to plan the day for the children. We would be providing child care for the kids while the parents attended the summit.
9:00am to 4:30pm 
I planned a themed day called Love ~n~ Sharing.

I was blessed with many people coming up to me and asking if they could help.  

Snacks and lunches were made by some lovely women.
Liz who has a Therapy Dog offered to come in with her dog, Abby, and do a meet and greet. She also read a story to the kids.
Two friends offered to do face painting.

The outline of our day.

Meet and Greet
Decorate take home bags. I came up with this idea, because as kids do crafts or have snacks they can not finish, like a bag of goldfish crackers, they like to have a place to put stuff to go home with. 
Story Time
More Games
Meet and Greet Abby the dog.
Face Painting
Scavenger Hunt
Movie and snack time
Homeward Bound
 Last week I worked on the finishing touches of the day. I am sharing a few photos of our day Saturday.

 Take Home Bags


 Scavenger Hunt

 Take Home Treats


I was blessed with a great group of volunteers to help make the day. 
My husband and both boys helped me.
 Friends and others offered to help and share their special talents.

As the last kids left on Saturday. All of us were exhausted. We all looked at each other and yelled "We did it!" 

As we enter the second month of 2017 I am happy to report, I survived a New Challenge.
Agreeing to help with the summit, to being asked to lead the children's portion.

 How about you? Have you had this happen to you? You agreed to help with something, but some how you became the leader?

How do you decided what to volunteer for?

Do you ever have trouble saying "No" ? 



  1. Ha! That sounds like something that would happen to me! They are blessed to have your talents. It looks like it was a big success and lots of fun!

  2. It takes so much effort to put something like this together. You did a beautiful job and I'm sure the children will not forget the day. What a good sport you are, and how nice that people came forward (including your family) to help. That doesn't always happen. I've become so careful with my time. I just can't handle stress anymore. Well, my husband can't handle my stress is more like it! LOL I did just say yes to someone. I was asked to become a member of the Senior Center Advisory Board. It meets for an hour once a month and I don't have to run it. A big plus for me. :) Most importantly, I think it's a good fit for me, as does my husband. Happy Valentine's Day, Carla! Hugs.

  3. I think it is great that you chose to do this! We never know how our lives will touch someone else's or how God wants to use us. It is alot of hard work and long days, but somehow in the end, it is always worth it. I did learn many years ago to learn to say no to some things so that I didn't get burned out with busy work. I think God sends us a sign or a message when it's time for us to be involved in something! So glad it all worked out and I know you had an awesome, exhausting time! Love and hugs to you!

  4. Wow, you had so many good ideas! And the day all planned out, so the kids had no chance to get bored. You must be very good at this sort of thing, and are known for it! Using your talent! Where was this Parenting Summit, was it at a church or a city building, or maybe Social Services?

  5. Congratulations Carla, "You Did It". Sometime we have to listen with our heart to hear God's calling our name to do something. It's always easy to say no or find an excuse not to respond to such a call. When it's something that is outside our comfort zone, it takes some discerning to do the right thing.

    I remember what my aunt told me once and it has stayed with me. "When we do something that we are asked to do and we really don't want to do it because it's not in our comfort zone but we find joy once it's done, then we know we are doing God's will.

    I think you were perfect for the job.
    Happy Valentine Day.

  6. I left my teaching job to stay home with my babies and said yes to everything. I became the 'yes' girl, heading up every school and beach committee, troop and church event you can imagine. I was class mom for the kids every year from preschool to middle school. I am now the 'no' girl. Burnt out. Done. And super happy about it! ;) Your event looks like hit and giant success!! Kudos!

  7. Bless you for doing this! Yes I've heard too many hens in the henhouse but also that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and I'm glad you did it well, especially where children benefit from it.

    My life was filled with volunteer work when my kids were young, all of it relating to them in school or church. I loved it but was glad to retire from it too!

  8. LOL- That has happened to me more times than I would like to admit. I have a REALLY hard time saying NO...even as I am thinking NO my head is nodding YES (the stupid thing). It sounds like it came together beautifully. It's a God thing! xo Diana

  9. Carla I can totally relate. This sounds like it was meant to be and you did a fabulous job. Enjoy this new found commitment.

  10. Carla - it's ALL becoming clear now! You've been one busy girl and it looks like you did a fabulous job! I SO can relate to enjoying helping but not necessarily wanting to be on a committee of other bossy women who aren't really interested in hearing new ideas (or any for that matter). I could see easily being placed in a similar situation, it's a hard one for certain! It looks like you did a great job but yes my friend, I have a hard time saying no, especially when it involves the community or helping children. xo Nice job my friend (and now that you've done it - you don't have to do it again - in theory!) wink wink....

  11. It looks like you did a terrific job, Carla! I never minded helping, but I am now saying no more often as I get older. The younger gals can do things so much better than I can and have such great ideas. Kudos to you for a job well done! xo Cheryl

  12. Wow - looks as though everyone had a fabulous times, and was spoiled with all those little treats. Well done on a successful job organsing the event.

  13. Fantastic, you did an amazing job.
    So rewarding

    All the best Jan

  14. I bet the children had a wonderful time thanks to all your planning!!
    I don't mind volunteering, but do NOT want to be in charge. Thankful that has not happened to me.... yet!!

  15. Haha! How do these things happen? I'm glad everything worked out. Sounds like having lots of helpers (and plenty of time to plan) made things a bit smoother. And what a fun day for the kids, thanks to you!!

  16. Bless your heart, what an adventure to embark on! It is always so hard to know what to say yes, or no too, but it did all turn out for the best, and what a success it was! I too have a hard time saying no too, but I've learned that anything that takes me away from my family responsibilities is something I have to say no to. My family must always come first. Hugs to you dear friend, you did an awesome job with a difficult assignment :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!