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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October 20th Snowstorm 2020

 Hello Friends,

It is 2020, the year that just keeps surprising us. Our October was starting out lovely, I had flowers still in bloom, happy bees and slowly getting my garden put to bed. Things were going smooth. I felt confident I would have all my garden work done by November 1st.

Oh, but the wind shifted, we got very cold and it began to snow.

8 inches in total!

And I woke up to a cold 10 degrees this morning!

October Snow

Looking into my greenhouse, snow outside, green inside.
Kale, spinach and lettuce.

Time to get out the snow shovel.

The snow is accumulating.

Jack o Lantern's are hiding.

And my garden is waiting for me to finish putting to bed.

Good New..  the good news is that the weather is slowly warming up for the rest of the week. I will be able to get outside and finish digging gladiola bubs and planting my tulip bulbs.

On the road between the houses of friends grass does not grow.



  1. Was this a record early snowfall? It would be in my part of the country! My eldest was born on a record early snowfall here, many years ago when I woke in the hospital to see snow outside the window. It is so beautiful! But I know you have things that need to be done in the garden so I'm glad it may soon be melting away for you.

  2. Oh Carla, so much snow so soon. I bet it won't be long, we will soon have a taste of it too. It's cold today. I'm glad it going to warm up so you can finish your garden projects. I really don't feel like working in the cold lately. I'm getting soft I think.

    Take care, hugs, Julia

  3. Wow....a very cold surprise. those little pumpkins looked pretty cold with that blanket of snow covering them. stay warm....

  4. I'm glad it's warming up so you can finish your gardening. It looks so pretty though!

  5. That's a lot of snow! Hope you manage to get all the outstanding things done.

  6. Carla this is way too soon. I know you can get snow early up there but Ugh!!!! We got some snow down here in Illinois too but nothing that would stick. I hope this is not a sign of how our winter will go. Have a wonderful Thursday. xoxo Kris

  7. A friend of mine said she's planted her tulip bulbs at Thanksgiving some years - that was encouraging, since I was in despair thinking I'd missed my chance to get mine in! Here's hoping for a warm-up next week, so we can both get a little more garden time in before real winter sets in!

  8. The snow made for some beautiful photo's, but I am happy we are going back to fall this weekend! Hoping we can another fall like week or two, and then take some baby steps into winter instead of jumping right in lol!!!

  9. That's crazy, Carla! It's been raining buckets here for days. It's the remnants of a hurricane off the coast. Thank goodness it's warm here or we'd look like you!! Stay warm!

  10. Burr... Glad it is starting to warm up.


High Fives from Wisconsin!