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Monday, September 13, 2021

Online Auction ~ 2 Floral Design Chairs

 2 Floral Design Chairs

My husband has a coworker/friend who enjoys online auctions and Craigslist.

He will ask Jeremy if we "need anything" .. we usually say no. This time, Jeremy shared a few items we were looking for.

And the story of the 2 Floral Design Chairs and how they came home with us starts here.

My husband shared with Brian, when he first saw the chairs, "Oh, those are not really our style." When Jeremy came home and told me about the online auction, I said, "Can I see the photos of the chairs?"

 I liked them from the start! I had plans!

We won the bid. 

The chairs came home with us. 

I gave them a good scrub.


And then went fabric shopping.

 We recently painted and redecorated our boys playroom/school room. It was yellow. We painted it two shades of grey. I will share the painting project and how we completed the room in a future post. We created the room to be a sitting / family room.

 With some helpful tips from Kris at Junk Chic Cottage

the makeover went well. We are very pleased with our online auction chairs.

Guess what .. another online auction is going on this week! Featuring garden items.. well I will just have to take a peek.


  1. You did a fantastic job on those chairs. I really love that blue color. Now you've got the auction bug. lol. Good luck at the auction bid.

  2. Very nice. You're a person of many talents! I'm surprised you didn't want to keep the floral fabric, but maybe it was too worn. I like the new upholstery, though!

  3. Oh my gosh these came out so nice Carla. Woo Hoo! They look great I love the fabric you chose with the wood. You go girl. Nice relove of these chairs. xoxo Kris

  4. You did a wonderful job. I really like this kind of chair, and have two similar ones. They can be hard to find, even in furniture stores. They used to be called "occasional chairs".

  5. I love what you did with them. No sewing?

  6. These turned out so well! Great job on the makeover!

  7. They came out SO good! I think the floral looks like the sheets on my bed! heehee! It's fun to renew furniture and give them new life! Well done!

  8. What a wonderful find. The makeover looks great.

  9. The chairs turned out really nice. Can't wait to see the boy's room. I have a weakness for chairs anyhow. Have way too many in every room. Chairs and lamps! :) Bet you can't wait to see what gardening items you might get. Good luck!

  10. Wow! You are so accomplished!!! Upholstering chairs! Wow!!!!!


  11. Amazing!! I was waiting for this makeover and it's fantastic!! They looks super comfy, too. I can't wait to see the whole room. xxoo

  12. Your chairs turned out nice, Carla. I love the blue fabric you chose. You did a great job repairing and improving. Are both of them blue, or one grey? The wood design is really nice, and the upholstery looks great.


  13. Oh wow, you did a great job with those! I love the navy you chose, well done!

  14. I wish I understood how the Marketplace and the bidding work! What a wonderful makeover for the chairs. They look so elegant now.

  15. How exciting! I love projects like this. I hope to see your painted room & finished decor soon.

  16. What a great makeover! I am sure you will find many more auctions to turn into treasures!

  17. I have not been a fan of online auctions because I like feeling items before purchasing, but you did score on those chairs! Look good finished! Janice


High Fives from Wisconsin!