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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Looking Back at the Hodgepodge!


Happy November my friends. It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge.

Joyce asks the questions.

We answer the questions.

 From this Side of the Pond


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1. How did you name your blog and do you now wish you had thought about it maybe another five minutes before hitting publish? Would you change your blog title if it were not a huge pain in the derriere?

 My blog name, The River, was inspired by my love for rivers. I grew up next to a river. It was and still is a very special place for me. A river is ever changing.. yet the same.

No, I would not change my blog name.

 2. What bill do you least like to pay? 

During the garden season we love a nice regular rain, to water our garden and keep our rain barrels full. We collect rain water to water our garden. We have two big rain barrels. This past season we had a drought. We did have to use our village water to water our garden. Oh goodness, I did not like that bill.

 3. What is your favorite word? Okay okay, calm down. How about one of your favorite words? 


 4. Is the glass half full or half empty? Elaborate. 

I try to stay positive. The glass is half full.

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

 5. Were you here for that very first Hodgepodge post? If so, were your answers then similar to what they are today? Tell us what was happening in your life in November of 2010? 

I was not here for the first Hodgepodge.

I was a  busy mom to a ten and eight year old boy. I was busy helping as a teacher's aid at Growing Lights Christian Academy.

 6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Tribute to the Troops

A very special Christmas Tree that our Wisconsin Governor has in the Governor's Mansion.

Each year we participate. 

Samuel  ~ our son, active Wisconsin National Guard 

Samuel  ~ my grandpa, WW2

Marv ~ our dear friend, Korean War

 With Veteran's Day tomorrow, I take this time to say" THANK YOU!"



  1. God bless your Samuel and my Andrew and all those who serve and have served! And may God bless America and defend her from enemies both foreign and domestic ... especially domestic. xoxo

  2. I love that you make up your sweet ornaments for the special honor tree each Christmas. Such a beautiful remembrance for Marv and your grandpa and also to honor Sam for doing such a great service for our country. xoxo Kris

  3. That Troop Tree is such a fantastic idea. I enjoyed your hodgepodge anwers.

  4. Lovely... I love the name Samuel, I did not know that was his full name. xoxo Su

  5. In 2010, my sons were 3 and a newborn!

  6. What wonderful tree ornaments.

    Yes, thanks to all who have served!


  7. Blog name!

    I've had so many blogs over the years, that I have about run out of name ideas. LOL

    "Beside a babbling brook" sounded like a lovely and peaceful place to be, when I named my latest blog. But I have tried to change it. Since it's not 'easy-peasy' I gave up. No big deal, really.


  8. Vets cannot be treated well enough! And they are not given near the kindness they deserve. what is this gorgeous fall colored plant?

  9. Your blog name is a good one as I think our blogs do grow and change (as do we) over time. I like a name that reflects that. And I will join you in saying thank you to all who serve and have served. God bless America!

  10. Love the ornaments honoring your family and friend. That's a great way to decorate the tree. Thank you to all of them. Happy Hodgepodge to you!

  11. Great answers, I enjoyed reading your blog today

  12. I love your ornaments for the patriotic tree. A great way to remember the military who serve the country, past and present.

    Great answers on the Hodgepodge. Like you, I named my blog after the things I love to do, although I haven't hooked wool rugs in a while.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  13. Very nice. Beautiful thoughts and descriptions. Please thank your son for his service. :)

  14. God bless Samuel and all those who served to protect us. They are true heroes to me! Janice

  15. I have been so upset this Veterans' Day because I'm worried about how our veterans feel about the horrible withdrawal from Afghanistan. I think it's funny, the question about your blog name, because I do like the name of your blog, and I'm terrible at it! Since my URL is my name, I've changed the name of my blog twice....and I'm still not happy with it, LOL! I guess that's why you named the Bible study blog and tagline for me because clearly I have issues! ;P

  16. Your veterans' tribute is beautiful!! I enjoyed your answers, and found the background of your blog title!!

  17. I always enjoy reading your Hodgepodge posts, I find we're a lot alike. I love my blog name, it definitely personifies what I'm all about, but it's a tough one to spell - even for me after all these years!! Also, a belated Veterans Day thank you to your son for his service. xxoo

  18. So nice to read your answers.

    All the best Jan

  19. I enjoyed your answers and photos.

  20. Love why you named your blog The River. I'm glad your glass is half full. I love your random thought. I thank them for their service.


High Fives from Wisconsin!