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Friday, December 3, 2021

Decorating for Christmas

 This season we are keeping our decorating easier. I use to go all out, with a village, artificial snow, wall hangings and more. As the seasons of my life have changed, my boys leaving the nest, my decorating as changed as well. Simpler, using more nature in my decorating, twinkle lights and candles.

And that is just what we did this weekend.

On Saturday, I decorated the house and did the outside decorating.

On Sunday, the boys came home for the day and we decorated the tree.

We cut two small pine trees during our visit to my parents farm to place in pots. One in front of the chicken coop, the other on our front deck.

I am busy placing red bows on the tree, while the hens investigate my work.

There is nothing  quite like Christmas.

Using nature, candles and twinkle lights, making our Willow Tree Nativity look just right. 



On Sunday we unpacked old memories, while making new ones. 

Miss Penelope posed perfectly under the decorated Christmas Tree.


Happy December my friends.




  1. You're ahead of me but I hope to get my decorating done this weekend. Your tree looks lovely.

  2. Your tree looks beautiful. Love that the chickens will have a little tree outside the pen too. Enjoy all your beautiful decorations. xoxo Kris

  3. The little outside tree is adorable!! Yes, our decorating changes with the different stages of life. I see kitty there, does he bother the ornaments?

  4. I have my Willow Tree on the mantel. Yours looks beautiful. I love your tree too and Miss Penelope looks so cute. I have done a fair amount of decorating but I have at least 5 bins of things I'm not putting out. I just can't do it anymore so I definitely have to work on downsizing all of it. Makes me sad but it's what is need now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Miss Penelope looks adorable and your tree looks so festive! Love the idea of having little trees outside. We are going to get two for our antique store in the morning to put out front. Great idea! Janice

  6. Oh lovely, Carla...and Miss Penelope caught my eye right away. She clearly knows a beautiful and cozy spot when she sees one!

  7. Miss Penelope looks like she is actually posing for the camera! Amazing. I like the lights on your tree, and I love it that your chickens have their own special tree by their coop. :D
    But your Willow Tree nativity is so pretty and special. I really like it!
    Have a lovely weekend, Carla!

  8. Your tree is gorgeous...magical with the pretty lights! Happy holidays!

  9. Very nice. You are fortunate that your kids still help with decorating; mine passed on that, oh so many years ago...even before they left the nest. But they still enjoy baking, so there's that. ;-) Happy Holidays!

  10. Carla, everything looks so pretty. I love the little chicken house tree. I've felt like doing things a little different this year too and left off a lot the decorations from last year. You just can't beat nature and candles.

  11. YES! I think everyone is scaling down the decorations this year. Audrey sent me a picture of her tuxie cat, Wednesday, posing exactly like Penelope in front of their tree! So cuuuuute! Everything you have done looks so beautiful. xoxo

  12. I thought I commented on this, but I don't see it, hmmmmm. This is a cute picture of you, Carla, in the red coat. Your outside tree is perfect with the red bows. And your Christmas tree is so pretty. I'm so glad the sons got to help you decorate it, Carla. And it's good to see someone who still loves the colored lights! Hello Penelope.


  13. I do like the red bows on the outside trees.

    Lovely lights on your tree, perfect for the season, Miss Penelope is posing very well:)

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!