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Friday, June 3, 2022

My article for the June Issue of the Cameron Chronicle.


Hello Friends,

I am making a rhubarb ginger coffee cake today. I will share the recipe with you if it receives high remarks from my guests. 

I also have been busy planting the garden. We had some strange weather to endure, but plants are getting in the ground, in containers and starting to grow.

With that, I would like to share my June article for the June Issue  of the Cameron Chronicle .. "The Little Paper With Personality."




A Few Gardening Jobs for the Month of June

By Carla TePaske of Cameron WI ~ The Little Garden That Could

Once Spring Bulbs are over, rather than cutting down the foliage, leave to die and break down naturally. Doing this and adding liquid fertilizer around the clumps will encourage strong growth next spring.

It is still a good idea to dead head any faded flowers to prevent plants wasting energy creating seed heads.

* Continue to hoe soil to keep down weeds.

* Support your tall growing perennials.

* Start a water and feed schedule for your plants in containers.

And do not forget you can make your own fertilizer.

Did you know you can feed your plants with your own plants!

Using your own garden weeds and grass, you can make homemade fertilizer tea.

Making Fertilizer Tea

  1. Next time you are weeding the garden, throw chopped weeds into a bucket or trash can, chopping them up as you go.

  2. When the container is about half full, fill it with water. Rainwater is the best (also free!).

  3. Screen the top to keep mosquitoes out. You can use a piece of screening or row cover.

  4. Stir daily for 3 days to 2 weeks. Or, pour it from one bucket into another to mix things up and keep it aerated. 

  5. Strain off the liquid to use as a fertilizer or foliar spray. After you strain off the liquid, return the solids to your compost pile. It can be diluted or used full strength on established plants. Since plant leaves tend to absorb more nutrients more quickly than roots, foliar feeding is an efficient way to fertilize versus a soil drench.

A weed is but an unloved flower.” Ella Wilcox


  1. Great advise for the home made fertilizer and also to feed the clumps of bulbs with liquid fertilizer. Thank so much. I've made two rhubarb pies and I'm waiting for the time to make Rhubarb Strawberry, Pineapple jam. They are a good seller at our church fundraisers.
    I'm getting ready to plant my corn. I plant and weed all day and I get to bed very tired every day. I haven't had time to post on my blog .

  2. Glad you are getting your garden planted. Great idea on the Spring foliage. We don't have any bulbs planted. However, I know that Mark would have a hard time leaving them to break down naturally. You have shared some great information and I like your recipe for fertilizer.

  3. Your rhubarb is ready...?? Must check our....

  4. It is so cool that all of our gardens will really succeed when we follow your monthly advice!

  5. Great advice Carla. The coffee cake sounds delicious.

  6. Will be interested to see how that cake turns out. I'm not a great fan of rhubarb but well cake is cake lol

  7. Carla, your rhubarb ginger coffee cake sounds Yummy. I wish I had a piece right now, as I'm sipping my coffee reading my favorite blogs. I'm so happy for you that you often have your articles in the "Little Paper with Personality." I'm sure you give many gardeners tips and advice and suggestions for their own gardens. I love the weed quote. It made me smile this Sunday morning.

    I hope the June days bring you so much goodness, Carla.


  8. I always enjoy reading your articles. You'e so knowledgable! Thanks for the tutorial on the fertilizer tea. I had no idea it's a thing!

  9. My tomatoes, jalepenos and peppers were planted just before the rain started today. I love anything rhubarb too! I lost mine over the Winter. Am hoping my mom can give me a shoot of hers. Janice

  10. My flower gardens are so tight, there really is no space to hoe. I've been weeding like mad, sadly we have a thistle problem due to the fact that two neighbors have a thistle problem, but they don't try to curb them. Very frustrating. I've never used fertilizer, the soil is really quite good and things grow like crazy, but had no idea you could make you're own.

  11. Great article, I love that you share them here, I always learn something new!! We had rhubarb growing in our yard when I was small. I had no idea that it wasn't a weed, until I was almost a teenager and one of my aunts mentioned you could make pie from it...I thought she was kidding!!

  12. This rhubarb looks great! Mari posted a rhubarb cake recipe and I am determined to find some and make something with it. I've passed along your homemade fertilizer tips to TG, who has a little vegetable garden this year! xoxo

  13. A good article.
    Love rhubarb :)

    All the best Jan

  14. The other day I was trying to remember your fertilizer tea! We are going to try this!


High Fives from Wisconsin!