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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Hello February 2024


Leap Year by Annette Wynne
Little month of February,
You are small, but worthy—very!
Will you grow up like the others,
Like your sister months and brothers?
Every four years with a bound
With a leap up from the ground,
Trying to grow tall as they—
All you stretch is one small day!
Even then you're not so tall
But just the shortest month of all.


  1. Loved reading this poem. This year February will grow up one day with leap year. Janice

  2. Happy Leap Year to you Carla. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Hugs. Kris

  3. I forgot to turn the calendar over, Carla! Until I read your post and looked, I didn't realize it was a leap year. So funny, I am not a winter girl - at all - and February can be brutal around here, but it's the month I became a bride, the birthday month of my beloved and a month full of school vacations that always made this once upon a time teacher - and mom of school age kids - super happy!! I guess I like it more than I thought! Happy February!!

  4. What a delightful poem, Carla. And isn't February a short and sweet month? One of my favorites for sure.

    Wishing you blessed February days ahead, dear friend.


  5. Cute little poem. I never thought about February in that way but now I think she's right. lol..
    Enjoy the shortest month of the year.

  6. Thank you for sharing. That is a cute poem. Hope you enjoy your weekend

  7. Cute poem. February is an important month in this house. My husband and I both celebrate our birthdays and we also got engaged in this month.

  8. Awe...such a cute February poem...I had completely forgotten about this being a leap year. This has always been a strange thing for me to understand....adding a day ever 4 years.

  9. What a fun poem. I wish I could write poetry....I do write a few fairy tales. Happy Sunday!

  10. Sweet. February, most years, seems like the longest month even though it's the shortest. But when the weather is mild like it is this February, it will whiz by. :)

  11. I enjoyed that poem :)
    Happy February Wishes.

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!