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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who is eating in Mom's Garden Center?

Hi, I am going to tell you a little story. My name is Atticus, I am eight years old. A critter was messing up my Mom's garden center. Her garden center is where she keeps her garden stuff, her bird nest collection and other fun nature things she likes. Well, something was digging up in some of the cracks in the cement. Also eating some of Mom's seeds. I decided to try and catch it...and sure enough I did.
Here is the Critter...I named him Chippy.
I gave him some bread.
He is telling me, he wants out!
I let Chippy out, after a good talking. I told him he best leave my Mom alone. I let him out and he walked slowly out of the trap, looked at me, put up his nose and trotted off. I have not seen him since. He may have moved away...knowing he best not mess with an eight year old boy, who is protecting his Mom's seeds!

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  1. Hope that plan works out! We have a resident chipmunk that torments our dogs. He lives under the stream in my flowerbed. He's such a pill!


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