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Thursday, July 12, 2012

It is Fair Time!

We will be visiting the Northern Wisconsin State Fair this weekend for the first time. We like to take in fairs. I grew up participating in 4-H. I sold a sheep every year at the Price County Fair at our Market Animal Sale. I will never forget my first lamb I sold. Yes, I cried, I loved him so much. His name was Washington.It is fun to visit different fairs to see what the kids are up to and how things have changed. States or counties do different activities or judge exhibits differently, we find it interesting. Last year we took in the Montana State Fair that was a lot of fun. Check out the beautiful ribbons the folks receive.

I decided to do a trip back in time...ready, set, back in time to 2008!
Barron County Fair
Our boys participated in 4-H and look how excited they are to be involved with all the fun activities our county fair provides.
Our club booth of 2008.

A sweet heart with two boys.

Harness racing at the Barron County Fair.

Going on a ride with Dad. Look at that smile!

My favorite! Sheep! Do you want to come home with me?

What's up Doc?

Hey buddy, what pen are you suppose to be in?
How about you? Do you like to go to fairs? What is one of your favorites? What do you like to do at the fair? Besides eating cotton candy :) Hee Hee, I love cotton candy. My hubby always buys me a bag to bring home.
Have a great time getting out and exploring!


  1. What wonderful pictures...of your awesome family and the fun you guys have. I love sheep so I can buy their fleece. And the harness racing looks like so much fun! I read a book by Margarite Henry about that and enjoyed it sooooo much! It was like I was racing myself. We have a girl that gives riding lessons not to far away and it is such fun to see her bring her group of kids past our place.

  2. Ah yes, Fair Week is always a great time. 2008 does not seem so long ago...but four years already. So good to look back and remember and it does increase the excitement for the time to come.
    Keep up the God work.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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