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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin

Manitowish Waters is a beautiful small town in Northeast Wisconsin. It is full of gangster history! Did you know that Wisconsin is full of gangster history? More on that tomorrow.
We visited Little Bohemia...the famous resort that Dillinger, Babyface Nelson and others from the Dillinger gang were taking it easy at. The owners of the resort took a risk and informed the FBI about Dillinger and his gang. 

April of 1934 the famous shootout took place at  Little Bohemia. It was amazing to us that Dillinger and his gang got away! I will share more about the story tomorrow.

Today, I will post some photos of the resort. I highly recommend, if you live in Wisconsin to visit Little Bohemia. Even if you are not into gangsters :) ...this is amazing Wisconsin history! 

While at Little Bohemia be sure to check out the upstairs museum. It is full of artifacts the gangsters left behind. The lodge continues to use the bullet holed windows and dinning room full of bullet holes from the gunfight with the FBI!

This photo does not capture all the bullet holes, but gives a bit of an idea.

2008 the movie Public Enemies was partly filmed on location at Little Bohemia.

The drive in...as you drive in, you are following the footsteps of Dillinger! The place uses the advertising claim that "Dillinger only left because he had to."


  1. Wow, that sounds so interesting, Carla! And we've never been there, so it's now on my must-see list.

  2. how fun!! bet that advertising is actually true!

  3. What a fun summer you guys are having....your boys must be loving every minute. =) It sounds interesting and thats what is so nice about blogging...we get to see a little of it too! ~~we have had the best summer yard sales this year...those are my 'adventures'...lol


High Fives from Wisconsin!